Your New Year's plans for 2000?

I know…it’s not actually the end of the millenium until 2001, but most people are getting more excited than usual about the coming New Year’s Eve/Day celebration, as we go from 1999 to 2000. It’s less than 3 months away. So, do you have big plans to celebrate? Let’s hear it.

I don’t have any big plans yet, but I welcome ideas.

Actually, at the stroke of midnight, a large number of people will be at work, staring at a computer screen. Or stone cold sober, clutching a pager and not getting out of eyesight of a telephone.

Partywise, Y2K may make this New Year’s Eve the biggest bust since the 1996 Perot victory celebration.

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Umm, we already did this thread–search back, it’s there somewhere.

I’ll be at home with Dick Clark.

Try and run between the raindrops!

With luck: home hoping the phone don’t ring

Without luck: In the emergency room trying to rest order from chaos.

I’ll be in Times Square freezing my ass off if not properly internally thermolated, then off to dance my ass off in any club i can get into

Not a damn thing…just like every other New Year’s Eve.

My wife and I are going to a reunion/New Year’s Eve party.
My wife and I attended the same high school and have kept in touch over the years with a few of our classmates.

Some of us got together and thought it would be a blast to track down as many as we could remember and get together at New Year’s.

Latest count is 38, but we’re still looking.
We should have started sooner.

As an aside, my wife offered to rinse my hair to hide some of the gray for the party (had it since my early thirties) but I drew a line in the sand on that one.

Maybe she was kidding.

Ya think?

I dunno.

My NYE plans (of hanging out in the radio room of the police station that my girlfriend is a dispatcher at) have been scuttled due to breaking up with said girlfriend.

So, I think I’m now going to join my friend, who plans to boot up an old PC and “see what happens.”

I’m going to New Orleans!

That way, if the infrastructure fails and the world descends into chaos, I won’t notice!

If I don’t come back, avenge my death.

Making sure the bunker is well-stocked with food and water, the guns are loaded, and the doors are barricaded.

Oh, and I’ll start reading the Bible and telling Jesus I was just kidding about all that evolution stuff.


Hippie, can I join you? I probably have a lot to apologize for too ;). Especially after I “join” you.

Mostly I’m gonna avoid all hysterical frightened crowds.


I’m free any offers???

I am planning to be flying aboard a commercial airliner, just to prove that this Y2K hysteria is crap (actually, I have to travel anyway, but I wanted to make a point). When I was making my travel plans, I asked the agent if any of the airlines were running Y2K discounts to fill the planes on that day. She said no, but also discovered that there had been no reservations made on the Jan. 1st flight I was considering, even though most of the other days before and after were heavily booked. I asked about stand by rates, but apparently “stand by” is no longer a cheap way to fly; in fact, it is one of the most expensive, since you get the rate for those who buy there tickets on the same day as travel. But I digress…

Anybody else flying on the 1st?


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