Your one Favorite piece of Playground Legacy Lore

Ok this is going to be hard. But in order to be fair, and to “play well with others” I want you to list just ONE piece of lore you learned on the play ground. That is, something ‘neat’ or ‘cool’ you learned on the playground or in study hall at school.

If at all possible please supply a link to a site that describes the article in detail along with your personal comments / anecdotes on your posted item.

Most of these items will fall under a broad category of “entertainment”. Others will be Strange but true facts, or Urban Legends -Rather they be true or false.
As a way to get started I propose:
The “cootie catcher”

It just seemed that everyone knew how to make them, and I didn’t, I had to ask my best friend how to make one. He went on to teach me a lot of origami.

Those hoverboards in “Back to the Future 2” They are real. They operate by pushin against the magnetic properties of the earth itself. The reason why they haven’t been realesed is that they are too dangerous for most of the spaz-like kids around. Really. :rolleyes:

If you stick your tongue out when you drop off the monkey bars, you WILL bite it off.

No joke…I was standing right next to my best friend when she dropped down and bit almost completely through her tongue. She had to be rushed to the hospital and to this day she is without certain taste buds.

She does have a neat scar.

Teetertotters are evil and will try to knock you on your ass every time you get off of one.

(So says someone who was knocked out by an uppercut from a teetertotter.)

Use a metal detector over the sandy ground. If it goes off, and you dig, you might find a few coins or lost buttons. But if you KEEP digging, you’ll hit a pirate’s treasure sooner or later.

I never found it, but I know I was close!!!

You can’t sneeze with your eyes open, is in my experience true. The corrolary, that if you did successfully sneeze with your eyes open they would pop out, is probably not.