Your Opinion: Boxers or Briefs?

Now for a truly worthy topic. Do you like the snug feel of tighty whities or the freedom of boxers? Ladies, feel free to chime in.

I prefer the closeness and comfort of briefs. I don’t feel like I am forgetting to put something on when I get dressed. And my balls don’t hang out.

I want to see a real debate. And I want cites, people! Wait- no, I really don’t.

Looks like IMHO to me, but I’ll answer anyway.

Boxers are best when you are in laybout mode or feel that you might get lucky.

However, if you’ve just been through what I have, you’ll thank whatever deity you believe in for tighty whiteys.

Voting on behalf of the Better Half here, who strongly protested the necessity of boxers, back when we were trying to get pregnant (more air circulation means higher sperm count). It was a great relief to him when the rabbit finally died and he could go back to the t.w.

Voting on my own behalf, boxers rock. T.W. make him look, well, vulnerable somehow. Little boy-ish.

He totally refuses to wear the red and green silk Taz boxers I got him for Christmas a while ago, I can’t imagine why.

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Like Scylla said, this is IMHO. So I’m moving it and changing the title from “Great Debate: Boxers of Briefs” to something more representative of IMHO (and I’ll correct the typo while I’m at it).

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I have exactly one pair of boxer briefs and haven’t worn real briefs since my vasectomy (at which time the support is an absolute necessity.)

I switched in college. I think those men that do not enjoy wearing boxers are not finding the right cut of boxer for them. Unlike briefs which are difficult to get wrong, boxers come in various cuts and occasionally the same store will switch suppliers and totally mess up your comfort level.

(I think it’s some designers trying to make us relate to what a woman goes through buying a bra)

My current favorite place to find boxers that suit my comfort preference is Old Navy. It’s a store I have a difficult time dealing with, but for boxers that fit I’ll deal with the music and children making the life or death decision about whether these pants hang low enough on their butts.


I like boxers on a man :smiley:

just my .02 cents!

Ah! That’s what I get for trying to inject humor into GD. That’s an oxymoron. At least the thread is zestfully clean now.

Boxers, very definitely boxers, they’re more fun.


Aaah, yes, this goes from a rather funny joke to a rehash of a topic that’s been done fairly recently. Oh well, maybe next time.

FTR, boxers.

** Boxers of Briefs**
I’m not sure exactly what this is evoking in my mind, and I’m not sure I want to be sure…

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Well I wear briefs and I like 'em. :wink:

Boxers if I am at work, unless I wear a kilt then it’s Regimental.

Spooje is one of the few that wear…boxer briefs!
The best of both worlds. Snug like briefs, long like boxers. Love 'em.

I used to wear boxers but switched to boxer briefs too. They are great, provide plenty of support and look good too.

I like my hubby to wear tiny string bikini breifs. Regular boxers are nice too because it almost feels as if he is wearing nothing under his slacks when I feel him up.

White jockey’s are unthinkable.

Boxer Briefs. I think these look even sexier (more sexy?) than boxers.

This will probably be TMI, but… It has to be briefs, the testis get testy. If I move to fast and one of them hits my leg wrong, or gets pinched, it becomes REALLY uncomfortable for quite a while:(. The only thing that seems to help is being immobile. The briefs can hold them snug. The boxers can let them swing around too much and exacerbate (just love that word) the problem. I didn’t know about boxer briefs, they might work.

My girlfriend says she likes the way my ass looks in briefs so that’s what I wear.

I have all types of underpants. Briefs, boxers and boxer briefs.

I work very early in the morning, so Mrs. Nipples sets my clothes out for me the night before…what a sweetie eh?
Whatever is there, I wear.

Boxers are comfy. When they bunch up, it makes the package look bigger.(If they bunch up in the front…in the back, it looks like you shit your pants.) Boxer briefs are nice too. The package is held in place, and when I wear Dockers with boxer-briefs, I’m often confused with John Holmes.
Plain old briefs are okay too. Mine are a little old. The elastic isn’t as snug as they once were. Maybe a ball hangs low, perhaps it even swings to and fro…and then, of course, it clings to my leg, but then I have an excuse to adjust.