Your Opinion: Boxers or Briefs?

if I wanted squished nuts i’d go with briefs, but for now I’ll stick with my BOXERS. My junk just doesn’t go well with tidy whiteys.

punk snot dead,

Boxers will make your ass look good too, if they’re the right cut for your legs.

Boxer briefs, all the way. I used to prefer briefs over boxers, as the boxers would bunch up when I’d pull on some tight jeans, but as spooje said, snug like briefs, long like boxers.

Well, at least they are clean.

I prefer boxers (not those plain ol’ white ones either; wear something with some color!) but getting hubby to wear them would probably take an act of God.

Boxers, or boxer briefs.

Honestly, a man in briefs makes me want to puke. I don’t care how fit or “in shape” he is, or if he has two six-packs. I dated a guy for 1.5 years and never got over his wearing briefs. Even worse, they were plain ole “tighty whities.” :gag:

My SO now wears boxers and its a beautiful change of pace. Besids, now it’s clear whether his arousal is a result of my behavior or that of another woman. :wink:

Boxers are nice, and I just think briefs are funny looking. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, one of my guy friends decided to inform me that he doesn’t like to wear silk boxers because the feeling of the material makes him too “happy,” especially if he’s doing a lot of walking around. I wonder how offended he’d get if I got him a bunch of pairs of silk boxers for christmas…

I wear briefs, since I’m prone to random erections (due to other than sexual stimulation). Nothing worse than the bad boy pointing at people. Briefs keep it straight up on the seam, which also helps to hide the bulge. Plus I can put my hands in my pocket and hopefully disguise it a little more. If it hangs down the side of the groin, it’s much easier to see.

Neither. Ever. I own one pair of underwear to wear with the one suit that I own, which I only ever wear to funerals.

Some folks are fashion forward, some folks are fashion backwards. Me, I drove off the road a long time ago.

Hmmph, I didn’t know boxer-briefs existed (shows you how much I shop for clothing). I’ll have to go buy a pair and try them out.

Briefs, boxer briefs, or thongs on special occasions. Never found a boxer that didn’t bunch up somewhere it shouldn’t. One really bad thing are underwear that are rubbing a man in the wrong place in public.

Boxer briefs are way sexy.

Well, I’ve been meaning to try out boxer-briefs, but as it is I’m a boxer man. :slight_smile:

Well, my boyfriend now wears boxers and is very glad I suggested he switch from briefs to boxers. I think they look much better since they come in patters and colors. Also, I agree with a previous post that it is great to feel him up with those on since they are so thin it feels like nothing there :smiley:

Boxer-briefs, or just briefs. Whichever I choose, they are always in color.

Mr. Tech wears (cotton or cotton-blend) boxers or boxer briefs.

If I were getting intimate with a man and he had on either briefs or silk boxers all play would come to a screeching halt!

Usually it’s boxers for me, but lately I’ve been wearing mostly long johns.

BRIEFS! Boxers are just pointless… go without if boxers are the only choice

Generally I think boxers look better, but I don’t really care either way.