Boxers or briefs?

I am curious as to everyone’s opinion. I’m a boxer man myself, because I hate being confined…


Why not split the difference, so to speak? Wear boxer briefs.

Boxers. My boys like the freedom.

Briefs. I like being confined I guess.

I was very briefly a boxer in my teens.


Briefs: I like the support.

Cue a new Hanes ad. To go with the shirt made of kittens, briefs made of boxers.

Boxer briefs. I need to keep them corralled, it’s no fun sitting on your balls.

Briefs. They don’t bunch up in your pants and when you’re not wearing pants, you don’t run the risk of the drunken man falling out the window.

No. You have to take a stand somewhere.


Boxers, although I’m curious about boxer briefs, but I like that you can kind of wear boxers just as shorts around the house.


I don’t care so much about support. I am just annoyed by having boxers going down my legs, bunching up, twisting around… I’m getting uncomfortable just thinking about it. It’s like wearing pajamas to bed, I just can’t do it.

Briefs. My father wore boxers and I hated them. Then I discovered briefs and I love the support they give. My sons wear boxers. Maybe my grandsons (I have five and not counting) will go back to briefs.


Boxers, ever since my kids were born. A whole lot more dignified to wear when you have to get up in the middle of the night to quiet them after a bad dream or whatever.

Chinese revolutionaries or long-winded legal documents? I’ll take the Harmonious Fists. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. The best of both worlds.

Briefs made of boxers you say… I sense another great doper invention, sounds better than the PVC goat cannon!