Your opinion: does olivie oil taste like olives?

My friends and I are having quite the discussion over it. I’m wondering what popular opinion is.

I say no, olive oil does not taste like olives. It doesn’t even smell like olives to me.

I’m thinkin’ Extra Virgin… mmmm! Olives! ohh yeah.

No, not at all. I don’t like olives at all, but I like olive oil.

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I agree that olive oil does not taste very much like olives but I got to thinking that all the olives that I’ve tasted have been packaged in some sort of brine and that I’ve never tasted a “fresh” olive. I wonder what impact the brine has over the taste of the olive? I guess you could make the same argument about other oils too. I really don’t think peanut oil tastes much like peanuts, corn oil like corn etc.

The brine is to weaken the effects of the bitterness. I suppose that’s related to the high acid content of raw olives. I’m also assuming that since “non-virgin” olive oil has more acid that it probably has a stronger taste. Can anyone attest to the difference between the tastes of the oils. I’ve only ever used “extra virgin.”

Extra virgin has the strongest flavor/aroma by far. Virgin, and just plain olive oil has a much milder flavor.

You can’t eat a fresh olive. Trust me. They nasty. Bitter beyond belief. You know that papery stuff in walnuts and pecans and how it tastes if you accidentally get a little from an old nut, a fresh olive is many many times more horrible than that.

Peanut oil should taste like peanuts and ground peanuts. Corn oil should taste like corn. Coconut oil does not taste much like a coconut, although the scent is similar. I’ve never eat a safflower, but it’s a wonderful oil.

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Olive oil tastes more like olives than baby oil tastes like…

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I read an article about olives and olive oil (in National Geographic, maybe?) a couple of years back. One interesting thing it talked about was the difference in flavour preferences around the world. Olive oil sold to North Americans tends to have a very weak flavour, while Italy and the Middle East (among other places) want their olive oil to taste like something.

Not too long after that I was visiting a food show in Toronto, and someone was selling some premium olive oil more of the sort that would be preferred in Europe. I tasted some on a piece of bread. It was almost winey in flavour. If I think about an olive, and the flavours that are there but overshadowed by the brine, I’d say that this olive oil did in fact taste like olives.

I buy extra virgin olive oil, and one of my favourite meals in the summer is a tomato and mozzarella salad with olive oil, and a big hunk of Italian bread. Yum. And it wouldn’t be the same if the oil was flavourless.

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My fiancee, like me, cooks primarily with extra virgin olive oil. Unlike me, she doesn’t like olives at all. So I’m guessing it doesn’t taste much like olives.

Last night i roasted some garlic to go on our pizza, and there was a fair amount of oil left over after I drained the garlic. Sweet mother of God, but that olive oil was yummy – roasted-garlic flavor!


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Stop me before I say something terrible about ‘extra virgin’ babies…:

THAT’s why it’s impossible to find good olive oil in this country! I brought home some fresh olive oil from an Italian friend’s farm, and it tastes amazing. It’s spicy and thick. It’s also foggy and leaves a brown residue at the bottom of the container. Everything sold here in the US is light, clear, and tasteless. Actually, I did manage to find a brand, Colavita, that’s somewhat foggy and leaves a beige residue at the bottom. It’s good, but still not the same.

Yes, good olive oil does taste of olives!