Your opinion of self-help/psychological literature

Ok so there’s wackos out there who claim to have credentials who write books that are garbage(Men are from Mars guy, Dr Phil to name a few).

Then there are highly respected psychologists who write literature targeted toward people with real problems such as having been heavily abused, living with an alcoholic, etc, and general works on relationships, deal with grieving for large amounts of pain and loss, etc

What are your thoughts on self-help literature? What is your personal experience with such literature? Did it help you in whatever you were trying to accomplish? What works did you read, and how did you like them?

Personally I find that self-help literature, no matter the quality, can be overwhelming for a person to digest in a short amount of time. I think that, while the info is good, reading at anything but a snail’s pace ends up creating additional stress. For instance, a lot of people go into reading the book with low self-esteem (hence purchasing the book) and end up finding a new set of constraints (psychological or otherwise) to berate themselves with if they get consumed in the work. It is a risk that few people realize when they enter in on the process.