Your Order is Ready Please!

Ok, I just posted about this in a different thread, and kind of got off topic. Even after venting about it in the McPeeves thread though I am still not through. Some background:

Often at the type of ‘fast’ food restaraunt where they have to call customer’s number’s through a microphone to tell them its time to come pick up their tray they will utter the stock phrase of: “Number 42, your order is ready please.”

Now please note this is in the midwest (I’ve seen it in St. Louis, Kansas City and Wichita) and none of the people involved are foreigners. They theoretically have been speaking english their entire lives.

Does this piss anyone else off? I for one, get mad as hell about it. Ok, not mad as hell. Its annoying though. As near as I can parse such a phrase, what they want is for me to please acknowledge that my order is ready. Its not really correct even in that sense though, I mean could you say:

“The boat is green, please”? If someone said “The boat is green, please” I would have to expect that they would want me to agree that the boat is indeed green. I would not expect that they would want me to go sailing in the boat. But at the restaraunt, they do! They say “Your order is ready please” and expect you to come pick it up! Some day I’m just going to stand and look at them until they speak to me in fucking english.

Get over it, man. It’s the jargon of the day and, if you live in this part of the century, you’re expected to understand that the dangling “please” means “please come and get it out of the way of the orders that are coming up behind it.”

You are looking for things to bitch about, please.

Similar in intent, but not in structure. Better would be:

Cooper is pedantic, please.

“We’d like for you to come & get your food, please. We’re trying to do our jobs and be polite. We’d really rather go on home now, this minimum wage crap is driving us crazy. So, please come get your food. Before we cry.”

Oh purleez.

well at least they say “Please”.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

If it helps, they’re thinking “Hey asshole! Getcher chow before I add some secret sauce to it!”

Hope that helps, please.

Without any pants on. :wink:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.