Your Own Private Groundhog Day

Okay. This is pure fantasy and impossible to do. But.

If you had to relive, over and over, one day from your life from now on to whenever, what day would that be?

From somewhere in childhood? After you were grown?
Some very special day like graduation, wedding, a birthday, a Christmas?

Is that day special because of people you were with? The place involved? The weather?

Okay. Maybe that day never actually happened to you. That’s not a good excuse. Describe the events and setting and people that would populate that day that would be worth repeating ad infinitum.

Any day from my recent trip to Penang. Fabulous weather, clear blue sea, great (cheap) food, nice people, gorgeous bikini-clad ladies…mmm…

There was one company picnic when I was first made a manager, and every one of my coworkers was schmoozing me to get the project lead slot I had just vacated. Boy, that was a day to be repeated!