Your PCs are...

Since we’ve been having all this “fun and enlightening” discussion about how easy it is to upgrade a PC into a gaming box, I realized I’m basically making stuff up when I talk about what kind of PCs people “really own”.

Clearly, the answer to this is a poll. Feel free to comment as well.

I voted “Other”, as I’m not sure I’d classify my laptop as a “gaming” laptop. It was purchased 1.5 years ago.

I have an iMac (old) and a laptop that was second hand from my employer plus my own old laptop. Does “Notebook” now equal “Laptop”? I thought that Notebook implied smaller.

None of these is that great for games. Eventually I need to get around to bringing in a regular PC for gaming, at least for WoW.

I built my own gaming PC around a year ago. I’ve updated parts since then (memory and graphics), hope to buy an SSD soon.

Whoops. Sorry. I tend to use “notebook” and “laptop” interchangably, so just treat them that way here. I was trying to get the difference between “a portable PC designed to run serious apps like games or high performance software” and “a portable PC mostly just designed to run MS Office and surf the net.”

I’ve got one new PC (bought it two months ago) to upgrade from my former PC (bought 5 years ago). The old one was starting to fade, which is a shame after all the tinkering I did to it … but it had acheived its own Peter Principle; it wasn’t going to get any better.

I still have the old one running and networked to my new one.

I also have a closet full of ancient desktops and accompanying parts and pieces (along with three or four “boat anchor” monitors in various stages of worth (moslty of the -less variety)).

And then there’s the lap-top from work.

I built my primary box about a year or so ago. My secondary box is about 2 years older than that. All desktops in my house are custom built, and I think there are enough spare parts lying around to build a couple more if I cared enough.

I rarely upgrade, though on occasion more than just the case will survive the next iteration. I tend to buy one rev back from bleeding edge though, and always try to over build as much as possible within my budget.

I dislike working on laptops, both in terms of the internals, and in terms of the little tiny, easily trashed keyboards, so tend to avoid them outside of the workplace. I’ve got a couple lying around, one as a print server, and one needing a rebuild to be given to my wife’s nephew.

Mine’s an off-the-shelf desktop that was purcheased within the last three years but the secondary HD is a much older one that I transplanted from my previous box. It also has a substantially upgraded video card.

iMac from early 2006.

I went with bought new in past 3 years because I built my desktop PC out of new parts in the past 2 months. Building is a much different experience than just purchasing though. I don’t think I’d ever phrase it as ‘bought a new PC’ myself. Snobbery, I’m sure.

Honestly though, I find the years in the poll to be odd. 3 and under is a big chunk of ground. I’ve had two PCs in that time. My wife is on her second as well. Plus we got a laptop in there too. My non-technical parents are on their 3rd in the past 3 years (one crashed and burned fast). This is especially true with the recent plummet of pricing in netbooks and such things.

Maybe I’m just a little odd.

What were you making up? As in, what was it you assumed people had?

Aw crud. I mis-voted then. Picked the former when it should have been the latter, though I do use it for gaming. I can’t even run Mass Effect on it, but WoW works pretty well.

I’ve got a new desktop that I bought earlier this year but it’s a budget “Small Form” mini PC that I can’t really upgrade to make a gaming machine. Of course, the whole package (PC and 21" monitor) only cost me $350, so I knew what I was getting when I got it.

I bought a new desktop PC when my son was born, almost exactly five years ago. I’d like to replace it, but convincing my wife of the need to do so is unlikely. We’ll probably have it until it fails.

Last year, I changed jobs and no longer had the use of my work laptop, so I convinced the wife we could afford $500 for our own. That turned out to be a good purchase and it’s what I mostly use for gaming, since it is more powerful than our desktop and has a better graphics card.

A G4 laptop with a 17" screen - I’ll miss the gigantic monitor when I eventually replace it, but there’s a down payment on a house or condo that needs to be taken care of first.

Varying age, but at its heart it’s a 5+ year old desktop. The processor, motherboard and hard drive are original to when I first acquired it. The GPU has been upgraded twice, the RAM expanded once, and the PSU upgraded once since that time.

Sadly my elderly processor just can’t cope with Dragon Age, which was my signal to finally upgrade the whole shebang. Replacing it with a new Lynnfield-based system and looking forward to it :). Hopefully it can hold up as long as this last one, which itself lasted longer than any other chipset I’ve ever used.

Yeah; I meant that any comments I could have made on what the “average person’s” (as if there is such a thing) PC might or might not look like were essentially just me spouting off.

What kind of Pc do you have? I don’t think you said…

Mine is a cobbled together homebrew concoction of parts ranging from nearly brand new to about 4 years old. I also have refurbished laptop of thoroughly unimpressive spec, and a…case with some old parts in it that isn’t actually running at the moment.

Your PCs are all belong to us.