what kind of PC do you have ?

I have a Packard Bell laptop wich i bought some 14-15 months ago

45 Gb hard drive
448 ram
what about you ?

It’s a homebrew, running an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor, a gig of RAM (soon to be two gigs as soon as I get one more stick of RAM), a 40-gig hard drive, a 120-gig hard drive, and a 320-gig RAID-1 setup. There’s more if you’re really curious and I have plans for further upgrades when I get the money, such as going dual-monitor.

I don’t much care for pre-built stuff, preferring instead to build my own. Currently, my box contains:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
  • Asus A8N32-SLI Premium motherboard
  • 2x1GB Corsair TWINX-3200 dual-channel DDR RAM sticks (CL3)
  • 2x BFG 7800 GTX OC video cards in SLI (or was before yesterday, when one of them up and spontaneously died in the middle of an Oblivion quest, damnit! The card’s only 4 months old! #$*&%@#…)
  • Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card (which has survived The Ages)
  • 500GB Segate SATA-2 hard drive
  • 250GB Maxtor IDE hard drive
  • 100GB Maxtor IDE hard drive
  • CD-Burner, DVD-Burner, a tangle of USB and FireWire devices attached at the hip, and other miscellaneous crap. No floppy drive though.

Yes, I like gaming. Why do you ask? :smiley:

An aging one.

Pentium 4, 512 MHz RAM, 80 GB hard drive, crappy on-board sound and video. Two DVD drives, one RAM and the other ROM. Also, about 50 USB ports. I like that. I like that a lot. I want to build my own, with a stack of RAM and real video and sound cards, but that might not be for a few years. Still, one can dream.

Oh, and real speakers would be nice too. Not these earmuff-shaped things fused to my monitor.

In theory, I was going to be in Spain for 12 days (Easter vacation) before going back to Costa Rica, so I ordered a “made to your specs” laptop from a place where you can also buy the parts and put it together yourself. I ended taking a new job in Spain, so I could have put it together myself, but heck, the price difference isn’t so much. Missed the fun of playing electronic puzzles, though :rolleyes:

It’s got “the works”, including a very nice graphics card, a soundcard that actually makes music sound better than in my car’s ultra-basic not-exactly-stereo sound system and 2G of RAM. The HD is the smallest they were selling, though: I do this so I’m forced to keep it cleaned up.

My previous computer was another laptop, a very nice and hardworking compaq that I gave to my bro last Christmas. Last Saturday its screen went all black: plugging it to his old monitor works just fine, but unless it can get fixed by a reasonable price, the poor thing won’t be traveling a lot :eek:

I have an aging P4 laptop (2.8 GHz)/768 megs of ram, and a desktop with an:
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
an old video card of some kind (FX5500 or something, I don’t care because I don’t game)
A gig of ram
and hard drives (a 400, a 200, and the 80 that has existed forever.)

I’d really love to get the 80 out of there, because it’s serving no purpose, but I haven’t been unlazy enough to transfer everything over to another hd, because that one’s my boot drive.

Dell XPS. Pentium 4 CPU, 145 gig hard drive. PCI Express video card.

The annoying, liberal kind.

I’m so sorry.

Emac 1Ghz. 384 MB RAM, 40GB HD. 17-inch built-in CRT. I like Macs because I grew up with Apples, and because they work.

It’s pretty fast sometimes and sometimes not so fast. I’m not sure whether I should get more RAM or just wait a year or two and buy a Mac Mini. The biggest problem I have is the Emac is sorta deep so it sits closer to me than I’d like. My desk is against a wall.

It was a barebones system - it came with a tower, power supply, MB, and P IV, 2.4 GHz CPU, half a gig of DDRAM. I have a DVD writer and a CD writer, GeForce video capture card, Turtle Beach Riviera sound card, Rolls Computer/Audio interface, Lexmark printer and by Thursday I should have the new Canon scanner I bought because the previous one has decided to leave a yellow bar across the scans. I just replaced the tower’s power supply. I’m still using a 17" CRT. I’m waiting for it to die, so I can get a LCD screen.

An aging 2.8 GHz P4 that I built yonks ago with 1 GB RAM and tuned to be nearly silent was my main box until about a week ago.

It’s being replaced with a 20" Intel Core Duo iMac with 2 GB RAM. No tuning needed to make it silent. :smiley:

I have a pre-built gaming rig. AMD 64 3000, GeForce 6600GT, 1 gig ram, 17" LCD and a 4.1 stereo system. Haven’t been able to get the rear two speakers to work, so I’m currently running with just the subwoofer and front speakers…but god it sounds so nice. Especially after having a laptop. I don’t care that sound only comes out of half the system, I’m still extremely happy to have a real speaker system. (I still need headphones though, partially due to noise complaints)

Dude, i’ve got a Dell. It’s just about two years old.

P4, 3.0GHz
1Gb RAM (2 x 512)
nVidia GeForce FX5200
Soundblaster Live!
2 x 160Gb SATA HDD

I’m not a gamer (as my choce of video card has already given away). The computer is used mainly for word processing, internet, Photoshop, and some low intensity video editing/encoding.

When it comes times for a new computer, i’m going to build it myself. The Dell has been fine, but i don’t like their use of proprietary parts, and i like the idea of putting my own box together.

HP TC1100, Intel Centrino 1.1 ghz processor, 40 gb HD, 1.25 gb RAM, and some GeForce video card.

Which one? Wife’s got one at home, I have another at home, I have my laptop which is more powerful than both put together for my travel work, and another one (really small) for assignments which are either long term without going home or where space/clothes/etc/and no connectivity is a big consideration.

Dangit, which one are you talking about?

I just retired a 9 year old Powermac, 6500.
My new baby is an I-Mac with Intel, and a 20 inch screen.
…Like comparing a childs Big Wheels with a Hemi. :smiley:

Looking around, I must have, like, a dozen, but I really only use 3 or 4. This here is an HP Workstation x4000 with dual 2Ghz Xeon processors, a gig of RIMM that would cost a mint to upgrade, an ATI 9700 that should be able to run the games I like but for some reason can’t, and whatever are the best optical drives I happen to own at the time. Oh, and a 21’ Trinitron HP monitor. Longest-lasting 150$ I ever spent on hardware. :smiley:

Another old machine lets the parents surf and email, and my Linux box is a PIII 800 router/webserver/fileserver/bittorrent manager/etc. with… 350G of disk, soon to be 500 or so if my friend will split an order with me.

The other ones are either my older machines waiting for me to sell them, or are ancient laptops I nab from the office every few months when the oldest ‘for parts’ machines get ditched.

I’ve got a Dell Optiplex 620 with 2 GB RAM and 80 GB HD. I don’t know what it’s got for CPU but it’s fiendishly fast and whisper quiet. I’ve got dual 17 inch flat screens and an external USB drive 80 GB. I just picked up a new 7TB iSCSI SAN. I love being in IT.

Power Mac G4/466 (maybe 5 years old)
2 hard drives - 30GB & 15GB
I replaced the stock CD burner with a Superdrive (combo CD/DVD burner)

I really need to upgrade, because I really want to play World of Warcraft and this G4 just isn’t fast enough. Those Intel-based Mac Minis sure look nice!