Your Personal "Flavor Combinations"

A co-worker of mine has a weakness for plain M&Ms and regular Fritos (mixed together in a 1:1 ratio. It brings him great joy and he is almost evangelical about it.

I didn’t buy in to it, but after knowing him better, eventually confessed that my secret “flavor combination” is Oreo cookies with Velveeta cheese. I’ve decided to come out here. (I am diabetic now, however, and no longer partake.)

Anyone else care to “out” their secret flavor combination?

Note: this is different than the thread about a single food item that you like, but no one else does. Two or more items combined together before or while putting them in your mouth.

“Did you ever wake up,
Bullfrogs on your–
Bullfrogs on your–
I mean mind?
Did you ever wake up with bullfrogs on your mind?
That’s a sure sign you got bullfrogs on your mind.”
– Wm Harris

Bologna sandwich with miracle whip with a mouthfull of fritos. Tasty Tasty Tasty

PBJ sandwich with Ruffles potato chips. It’s great!!!

“When I do right, no one ever remembers. When I do wrong, no one ever forgets.”

So far, all these ‘combinations’ have one thing in common: sweet + salty (with varying degrees of fat/cream/oil mixed in).

My favorite sweet & salty combo is grapes and cheese. Try it the next time at some party. You’ll usually see the cheese and crackers separated from the fruit platter. Bring’em together!


Grape jelly and mustard. Heated up as a sauce for hot dogs.
Haven’t actually had that in a while. More recently, I’ve had a PB&J sandwich. Peanut butter and jalapenos.

Pancakes and beer.

Oatmeal and whiskey.

You get the picture.

Liversausage Sandwiches–on raisin bread.

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Frito’s with vanilla ice cream for the dip

Ayesha - Lioness

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Other way round; Fritos with chocolate ice cream dip.
Apple pie with cheddar cheese.

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