Your Personal Horiscope by JohnLarrigan

This is your opertunity to have your horiscope created, personally for you, using your Birth Date, Visa Card no., and details of where you hide your Valuables.

Available for a limited time only in this thread…

Cool! Do me!

February 16, 1234-5678-F*CK-OFF, Antarctica.

Hit it!

The numbers in your creditcard reveal that your a straight forward, one more each time kind of guy. however Up to a certain point you’ll lose control.

Today is going to be a good day for Ice fishing and in-line skating.

Are you nuts?
You think I’m going to tell you that my Visa number is 450233487526860 and that I keep my money in the freezer under the ice cubes?

Do I look like a moron to you?

Seen as you’ve stopped having birthdays, I’ll just make one up for you.

Picies (why not?), Some good news recently has you feeling great! But dont ease up now! a young person living close to you is getting a new present that you just have to see!!!

Danger lurks from above. Your about to lose something you keep in the Icebox.

My birthday is Valentine’s Day. My credit card number has a 4, a 9, and a few other unimportant numbers scattered about.

well, i’m an aries,
and if i told you i hid stuff up your @$$,
and my credit card numbers add up to 75,
and that i’m on to you… what would you tell me… :rolleyes:

You tend to look down on the world. as you believe yourself to be head-and shoulders above most.
Recent events in your life indicate a reluctance to stop being such a republican tight-arse.

You will find good luck purchasing shoes, but only if you carry a box of Captn Crunch.

Dont ask, its in the stars…

This is soo cool…my birthday is april 16th and my visa card number is 445988…wait a second… if I give you my visa card number you could use my card to buy stuff with!!! And I wouldn’t even know the difference until I got the bill!!
It’s just a trick isn’t it??? You bastard…

Things have been looking up recently since your birthday.
The Stars suggest that you find somewhere safer for your valuables, lest you would like them smelling like nut-brown log.

Fortune will smile on you if you wear a brightly coloured shirt and grass skirt to a fancy restaraunt.

No, no, no aha - he wouldn’t do that! Especially to someone as important as you are being welcomed by Jerry, Ed, even Cecil and all. Come on now, John’s our friend! My goodness, doesn’t anyone TRUST anyone anymore???

Watch this aha - you’ll see!


First, let me apologize for everyone who doesn’t trust you. You have to understand it’s kind of a sign of the times. Not that that makes it right or anything, but try not to take it personally! Hugs, man.

Ok, my DOB is 3-3. My Visa card is non-existent, but a I have an AmEx - 378268741098777, expires April 2002.

I don’t have many valuables, but what I do have is hidden under the floorbaord in the closet in my attic. If you need my address, please email me at the email in my profile and I’ll send it to you.

Now, what’s my horoscope, huh? Huh?

PS aha - you’ll see - I’ll scan my bill and post it to the board when it comes and you’ll SEE that John would never ever ever do something like that. And everyone else can see too!

oh dear oh dear. The stars dont particularly like your recent SHAMELESS self promotion and brown-nosing. Expect A huckster charlatan to make off with your credit card details and go to Rio De Janero.

Missy2u- Pisces

Your unfailing belief in the power of the stars will reap benefits for you in the near future. Expect a smart-arse foregner to whisk you off to Rio De Janero an somebody elses money.

Slow day at work, John? :wink:

Oct. 5th here. My credit card has too many numbers to keep track of. Hope that helps hehe

Okay, I’m game! My birthday is April 21, my card number is O410E, and since I have a mortgage and dependent wife and child, I have no valuables to speak of.

Do mine.

I’m born May 2, under the sign of the Ford midsize family sedan.

(I haven’t had credit cards since way back before I knew exactly what collection agencies were and did.)

Birthday: Oct. 1
Credit Card #: 6.5
Location of Valuables: First National Bank of Assboink, Idaho

You’re on, John.

moosie- Libra

Libra is often regarded as the most boring of the Star signs, and those people who regard it as that are very often right. Nothing ever happens, really, and this week is no different.

Expect the highlight of your weekend to be removing lint from the tumble dryer.

If you intend to travel to San Francisco in the near future, be sure to wear flowers in your hair.

Millosarian and Dvious Means- Taurus
Expect a call from a double Glazing salesman on Saturday, which you may or may not be interested in. Under no circumstances are you to sneeze with your eyes open on Monday. The Stars will bring you luck if you purchase a copy of “Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You” by Glen Maderos at a flea market on Sunday.

Ok. I’m with this. My birthdate is Aug 8. This is my 4th credit card, but only my first Visa, so I’ll have to say the numbers are Visa 1 and total 4. I keep my valuables in my underwear, if that gives you any idea of what I consider valuable.

What’s my horiscope?

I’m a twin and my Visa number is 35-25-35. Ok, in my dreams maybe, but that still should count. Fire away.

You can be such a tease sometimes, Shayna! :wink: