Your position in the Palin/McCain administration.

I actually got this idea from somewhere else, but it took off and it has become quite fun. I’ll bet the dopers can take it to the next level.

If Sarah Palin is qualified in international matters because she can see Russia from Alaska, then all of us must be qualified for other positions in her government should she win. Please state your qualifications, and the position in the Palin/McCain administration you feel qualified to hold. We’ll send the link to her should (gasp) she win.

I’ve had a cold, therefore I should be the Surgeon General.

I live in a home and it’s on some land, therefore I should be the Secretary of Homeland Security.

I’ve gotten a speeding ticket. I should be attorney general.

I have a TV. Put me in charge of the FCC.

I watch CSPAN so I should be in Congress.

My house is enclosed by wooden railings - I guess I’ll try out for Secretary of Da Fence.

I go to college and want to be a teacher, so clearly I’m qualified to be Secretary of Education.

I have a car AND I’ve ridden a bus, so I should be Secretary of Transportation.

I have aspirin in my linen closet, so clearly I should be Drug Czar.

I breathe oxygen, so I should be head of the EPA.

I’m from Arizona and I do a heck of a job. Put me in charge of FEMA.

I live in a house in an urban area. Secretary of HUD , please.

Tsch. I have seen many episodes of Law & Order (all versions!) AND many episodes of CSI. Clearly I am far more qualified to be attorney general.

I served in the military, and am collecting a VA pension. Obviously I should be head of the DVA.

I’ve been to Canada AND Mexico, and I’ve flown ona plane. I want to be head of NORAD.

Many people have told me I’m a space cadet, so I could also be in charge of NASA.

And I can talk, so I can also be Speaker of the House.

I’ve had a job. Put me down for Secretary of Labor.

I can guess as good as the next guy. Sign me up to be the head of the Federal Reserve.

I’m sorry. There are millions of women who been IN labor who have a better claim.

I know how to turn on the lights, so I clearly should be Secretary of Energy.

I’m very reserved at parties and such. I’d be better.