Your questionable Macgyver move

Since someone posted on FB that the first episode aired this day 33 years ago. I’m guessing that in CS you can start a dedicated thread. If you were to ask at GQ, you’ll have to start a new thread for every questionable scene. So, what particular move by Mac just wouldn’t work in the real world?

The first that comes to mind is fixing a perforated radiator by cracking several fresh eggs into the filler mouth. He said it will work, assuming the leaks aren’t too big. My take is that the cooked eggs will just clog the radiator and foul the engine.

What’s yours?

I think Mythbusters tried the egg thing and it worked.

Are you talking about in the original series or the reboot? I just saw the latest episode of the reboot and there was one bit where Mac does something to a walkie-talkie (or some other kind of radio) and the walkie-talkie makes a sustained high dB squeal which causes the bad guys to stop their attack. (At least I don’t think I dreamed that event in the episode.)

p.s. It’s spelled MacGyver.

I’m not sure how successfully an enemy can be distracted if you shove a celery stalk up your butt.

Oh, wait, that was MacGruber.

There was one where he started a fire from about 20 feet away by using the lens from a pair of binoculars to focus sunlight. In order for focused sunlight to start a fire, the size of the optics needs to be at least comparable to the distance away.

I don’t see that on the list of problems MacGyver solved.

The only instances of him using binoculars was in Season 1, episodes 1 and 18.

I thought this was going to be about our questionable MacGyver moves. :frowning:

I could write a book!

Not carrying a gun is his most questionable move. If he’s that non-violent he shouldn’t be in that line of work.

The episode I watched where he got caught and had to escape THREE times in one episode was the last one I watched. Just shoot them already!

It was probably season 1, but I don’t remember the exact episode number. IIRC, he was hiding behind some bush or tall grass in a field, with a youngster he had met in that episode, with the baddies some distance away.

Maybe he couldn’t get a license to carry?

Or maybe he set the pattern for Michael Westen:

Even though I saw a bunch of reruns fairly recently on MeTV, I can’t actually remember any of the unlikely solutions, except for once escaping his enemies by teleporting into a 1969 movie.

Were the bad guys dogs?

Michael was smart.

But he killed a lot of people during the show run, some actively, some passively (manipulated one baddie to shoot the other). He outright murdered Tom Strickler.

And he was not adverse to guns - he had more guns than your average Arizonan. :slight_smile:

I seem to recall him stopping a major leak in a radioactive? toxic? waste tank. With a couple of pieces of chewing gum.

Better than his butt, I guess. :wink:

Oh My God! :eek:


That describes Season 1, episode 18 which is one of the episodes I mentioned. I fast forwarded to that scene below.

I don’t recall the set-up, but he was standing by a table with C4 on it and photography equipment. He and another were surrounded by baddies. He stuck the plug from a camera flash into a block of C-4, activated the flash timer, and when the timer went off it triggered the C-4 because, well, electricity sets off C-4.

I believe it was a chocolate bar and some type of acid.
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