Your SDMB viewing/posting strategy?

I use iCab. I open “View New Posts” which (depending on how long I’ve been away) can be anywhere from 250 to 750 new threads. I open the interesting posts of the first page in background windows, then click the “go to next page” link and while that’s loading I go to the Windows menu and read the threads I selected. Post to any that draw me in or where I think I have a meaningful (or meaningless but appropriate) contribution. Go back to list of posts and continue process. If I get interrupted and have to shut down and move (I’m on a laptop) I go to Navigate menu on reboot and pick up where I left off.

Sometimes I interrupt all this to do a search on threads I’ve posted to within the last week to see if there are followup comments I need to respond to.

I rarely open a forum directly and browse through it, although I might if for some reason I loaded the board and didn’t do a “View New Posts” and then quit out of the browser.

I may have to give up on this technique, as the posting rate has picked up to the point that people post faster than I can even read the titles sometimes! This can be intimidating: “Displaying Topics 826 to 850 of 1130”