Your social comfort level once vaxed

Perhaps this was just a bad first experience. This is not a fine dining establishment by any means. But in the past, they did put out white linen table clothes for dinner service. A candle. Wine glasses, etc. This time, we didn’t even get a menu. They glued some QR code labels at each seat so you can use your phone to get to the menu. That took a great deal away from the experience.

Not knowing the correct etiquette, we sat with our masks on until our meal started to arrive. When done, we put our masks back on while we waited for the check. Maybe we were doing it wrong. Anyway, it was pretty disappointing for the first time out. Perhaps another time in another place will be better. < shrug >

I hugged my 86 yo Mom yesterday, she’s fully vaccinated and so am I!


The best thing about being vaccinated is that I’ve been able to visit my 88-year old father, who is resident in a “memory care” facility. He was vaccinated in the first round of availability, and I was vaccinated about five minutes after my state made the vaccine available to anyone over 60.

The isolation for the year pre-vaccination was not been good for him, but at least now he can have visits from me.

There’s another sibling in the same city, also vaccinated, who started visiting again. There’s yet another sibling who’s a Trumpist loon who refuses to get vaccinated, and he won’t be visiting. And there’s another sibling who resides several thousand miles away, so there weren’t a lot of visits from her going on on anyway.

But I’m glad I can visit again.

I’m totally fine with doing anything. I had covid in December and also got the moderna vaccine. I’d do any activity, without a mask, without a care in the world, if it was allowed. Movie theater, concert, whatever.

I’ll wear a mask as long as it’s mandated, but I’m absolutely not afraid of this virus. Where I live everyone over 16 can get the vaccine. If you haven’t gotten it by now, I’m not too concerned about the miniscule chance I’ll give you Covid, with the 99.6% chance you’ll survive even if I did. They’ve evaluated their risk to not get the vaccine and made their choice, and I’ve evaluated my risk to do whatever I want.

This is how I feel too.

Me too.

Fully-vaxxed as of tomorrow.

Wearing a mask except to eat, I’ll go to restaurants with outdoor seating, and even sit inside if they’re spacing out the customers. I’ll go to shops and try on clothes, unless the shops are crowded. I’ll return to my office if they mandate it. My office desk is somewhat isolated, anyway, so I’d feel safe.

I think I’ll skip movies for the time being. I don’t go to concerts or bars, so no problem there.

And now I’ve done it. I took a deep breath and reserved a little vacation cottage in Washington state this October. We have a couple of hundred dollars credit with Alaska Air, and need to use it or lose it. The flight is only about two hours long and it’s on a smaller plane, because it’s from a smaller airport to an even smaller airport (San Jose to Paine Field). We’ll double-mask and check our luggage to avoid the scrum that tries to get on board the plane first to access the overhead bins.

Our vacations consist of driving around and sightseeing, not going to bars or heavily-trafficked tourist spots. A cottage means that a lot of our meals will be eaten at home and not in restaurants.

I think it’ll all be okay. We’re both fully-vaccinated and if boosters come out before October, we’ll get those, too.

We’ve only eradicated one disease, but we’ve driven a lot of diseases down to irrelevant levels. Measles (despite the recent outbreak), German measles, mumps, tetanus, whooping cough. They all still exist. I even caught whooping cough before they realized adults need boosters. (But it’s a minor disease to have for most adults, including me.) But they are rare. No one worries about them, beyond getting their kids vaccinated on schedule.

I am going to keep sanitizing and hand washing. Also avoiding anyone who looks the slightest bit sick. And telling sick coworkers to go home. Probably fewer sit down restaurants and fewer indoor events full stop. Possibly masking while grocery shopping for a while because of the gross sneezing snotty folks who are typically there.

Basically, I have really enjoyed not having a single cold, flu or any other symptom for the last 18 months. Didn’t even bother getting my usual flu shot because there was no need. It’s been great and I’d like it to continue

Since America is a “Me, me, me, me” society, I feel it pertinent to remind everyone that masking is not about YOU. It’s about reassuring others that you won’t infect them.

The new variants absolutely have the capacity to evade the virus. I don’t care how comfortable you feel; if you come into contact with the delta variant, and because you decided that you didn’t need to exercise caution, you pass it on to several others in your workspace or in your family, you are responsible for killing them or hospitalizing them and leaving them with medical debt. You can deny your culpability all you want, but it’s absolutely on you.


Seconded. I personally haven’t read anything that would lead to a conclusion that it can absolutely evade the vaccines.

Here is a thread where this is being discussed.


I keep a Google spreadsheet of all my health issues, and found that the last time I had a respiratory ailment was in January 2020, shattering my previous record of ~1 year without getting sick.

So whaddaya know, N95 masks really do work, and I’m gonna stay the course for any indoor place, at least until my local gym opens back up. Yeah, I know, COVID is nasty and all, but I’m spooked by reports of people getting heart failure because they wore a mask while doing intense cardio.

Both of those posts are by the same person.

Sure, but that thread has links, and he was asked for a cite. I guess we could simply relink the same things here and have multiple conversations about it.

It’s about both. There’s a reason people with compromised immune systems were wearing masks even before the pandemic.

Yeah, it’s a decent thread, and already rather long. Join it if you are curious.

Well, that’s true, but so now how should people who want to respond to asahi’s post do that if we need to take all discussion about that post’s core premise there?