Your Sports Equipment

I thought it would be nice for those of us who actually play sports to give some product feedback in regards to the equipment used. Maybe I can learn something here. Please feel free to add recommendations for any sports equipment you use from bowling balls to football cleats to hockey sticks.

Slow-pitch softball
Worth bats were great 10 years ago, today they seem to be junk.
The Easton Synergy bat is great for all leagues.
The Miken Freak is even better for the few leagues that allow it.
I’d be particularly interested to know what others are using as I’m looking to purchase one.

Callaway Diablo balls give me the most distance.
Taylor Made Burner woods were very inconsistant, I’m seeing much better results with a King Cobra S2 driver that I picked up used.

Nothing to add to the OP, but man I wish I designed golf equipment. Nobody throws money at suckitude like golfers do.

I hate playing with those suped-upped bats, and we started playing in leagues that don’t allow them. Luckily you can’t buy a $300 glove. :slight_smile:

Tennis: old Wilson Triad, has to be about 6 or 7 years old by now. Got it restrung recently though.

Golf: a full set of Orbiter clubs (1-3-5 wood, irons, wedges, putter (altered for height)). I have no idea how good they are, they were a Christmas present. Even if they’re bad, I’m so bad at golf that I doubt it matters.

Disc golf: my new favorite hobby. I have a solid starter Innova set (Leopard fairway driver, Shark midrange, Aviar putter) as well as a Beast Champion driver and a Discraft Buzzz midrange. The latter two are new purchases. I don’t have the skill yet to throw the Beast but it’s slowly getting better and will eventually outdrive my Leopard off the tee. Not sold on the Buzzz yet, haven’t found many things it can do that the Shark can’t so far.

St. Louis has its share of disk golf courses, and a fairly active local governing body. So I’ve seen some really good players through the years. I also have a buddy that travels around for tournaments, and is he throws a forehand putter farther then most people can with a driver. It might be something to work on, unfortunately for myself my forehand is really inconsistent (its a weird arm angle I just can’t get down).

I recently got a Innova Destroyer distance driver. I’ve been trying to get the right arm angle and speed for the last few months with little luck.

The really high performance bats have their pros and cons, the worst thing probably being safety. The same can be said for the balls, too.

Nice information, I’ve been really curious to try out disc golf but have never played.

It’s a great way to waste a Sunday, and I’m for any sport where I get better the more beer I drink.