Golfers: Recommend me your favorite golf ball!

I had written up a post about ten times as long as this one, explaining in excruciatingly boring detail why I want golf ball recommendations. But I couldn’t bring myself to post something so dull, so I condense:

I am looking for a new golf ball. Right now, I’m playing with the Top Flite XL 2000 almost entirely because of the price. But they’re hard titanium covers meant for beginners (which, admittedly, I am) getting distance on their drives (which I don’t particularly care about) at the expense of softness and feel in the short game, especially wedge work (for which I have a certain amount of ability I’d like to exploit). Translation: these balls are tough little rocks that just don’t spin.

So I’m looking for recommendations from my fellow doper duffers and scratch players alike. What ball do you play? Surlyn, titanium, composite covers? Two or three (or more) strata? Can that sucker spin? And could I reasonably expect to buy a dozen from my local big box sports store for less than $30?

I used to play Precept U-Tri Distance. Looooooved em. Great feel, good distance, and pretty durable. But it seems they’ve been discontinued, so I moved to Callaway HX Reds. Not quite as good feel, but nice. They seem scarce, now, so I’m trying out Titlist NXTs and NXT Tours, haven’t yet decided between them. They run about $25 a dozen.

I’m a big fan of the three piece balls, and I shoot in the mid to high 80s. The strengths of my game are my driver and my short game.

Whatever I find in the weeds. I particularly like range balls for shots over water.

If you golf like I do, you won’t need to even look for extras. Just remember where your ball went and you’ll likely find a replacement in short order. :stuck_out_tongue: