Your Stomach and You

You’re right, Bill!

Discomfort is when I’m decribing it to a patient; DISCOMFORT is when it’s happening to me.

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Sue from El Paso

A couple of things that haven’t been mentioned yet:

Ginger is great for nausea. Try it candied, in tea, or in ginger snaps. Unfortunately, most of the ginger ales on the market don’t have enough ginger to help.

Also, I have this same basic problem and allergies were suggested as the culprit. I have had fewer problems since I switched to better quality AC filters & dust-mite proof pillows. Note: my nausea is always in the morning.

I’ve often felt sick to the stomach when I get up, especially if I get up early for school, band practice, or whatever. Usually it goes away within 2 hours. I’ve never thought of any reason why this may occur. I thought it was just me. Drinking a little of some carbonated beverage seems to help a bit. Man, I’ll get to deal with this when school starts again…


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What makes y’all think Snark’s nausea comes from psychological problems?

Snark, see an ENT. Does it also feel like sometimes things around you are spinning? You might have vertigo. I was diagnosed with it about 10 years ago, and I take Antivert (Rx-strength Bonine) to control the sypmtoms. Plain soda water on ice helps, too.

By the way, thank you, CKDextHavn, for catching that nauseous/nauseated thing.

Copycop: Well, I am schizophrenic, by several doctors’ opinions. Whether you believe that I actually am schizophrenic or not (I don’t, but leave the possibility open that I’m wrong), I really do have psychological problems, which I have discussed many times on the AOL SDMB.

And no, I don’t have the spinning sensation. Since I get nauseated only when I’m happy or trying to work/study hard, I suspect it may be at least partly psychological. But thanks for the recommendation. I saw my doctor today and he is going to run some tests. :slight_smile:

Gee, that makes sense: “I am schizophrenic” but “I don’t believe I’m schizophrenic.” Where did I get such a logical mind? (g)

Let’s just say that I believe myself to have the condition that people call schizophrenia, and I choose to identify myself as such, even though I don’t believe my problems are caused by a chemical imbalance in my brain.

Hey Snarkberry, I’ve suffered from the same problems, but not as severe. My stomach problems were more like Neil’s. When I had to wake up early for school, I would feel really nauseated sometimes (I’ve heard my share of morning sickness jokes too). I’m 18 now and this started when I was 11. My parents first thought it was psychological and took me to a shrink, but that didn’t change anything. I didn’t have it constant, just mainly at the beginning of the school year. Some years it was really bad to the point of vomiting in class, and some years I didn’t feel it at all. It was only a couple of years ago that I went see a doctor that prescribed me some propulsid and it has been easier since then. Last summer I took a gastric emptying study which showed nothing wrong. By the way, I didn’t have to drink that nasty chalk stuff I have always heard about. The woman just asked me what I wanted for breakfast and injected it in my food. I couldn’t even taste it. Then I had an endoscopy which is when they stick the camera down your throat to look at your stomach. Don’t worry about being awake. They sedate you and it’s no big deal. They might even print out some pictures of your stomach for you to keep!!! From that endoscopy they found that I had a lot of ulcers in my stomach. The doc prescribed some prilosec and a few months later when I went for another endoscopy, they were all healed. At the present, I rarely suffer from nausea and I think it’s due to the medication. These are some of the medicines I have tried in the past:

Ant-acids: I don’t think they helped much.

Propulsid: This is the medicine I first took and I think it helped a little.

Ginger capsules: These helped out for awhile and I would reccommend trying them.

Prilosec: This is the medication I am currently taking. I’m slowly weening off of it and I should not be taking any medication soon.

Thank you, Maurique. I see my doctor this week and I’ll ask him if it could be ulcers. Funny, I haven’t been nauseated this past couple of days, but this morning I am, darn it. Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water…

Hi Maurique. I don’t work with kids a lot, but I’m pretty sure that multiple ulcers in a teenager is pretty uncommon.

Once you’ve been off of the Prilosec for a while, ask your docs if you could have a tumor (probably benign) producing something called gastrin. They may want to draw your blood to check a gastrin level. They can’t do this now because the Prilosec would falsely elevate the Gastrin level.

Unless you smoke, drink alcohol, or were taking Motrin or similar drugs on a chronic basis, the cause of your ulcers should be investigated. Good luck!

P’d & M’d

Sue from El Paso

The most important thing is to find out the cause of this chronic condition. Unlike an occaisional bout with nausea, this is long lasting and has to have some cause. It’s not going to help to keep trying the wrong remedies that only mask a symptom when there still might be a disease lurking about.

So, get tested. All the tests. A thorough physical examination which not only ‘looks at’ the stomach, but checks up on the blood chemistry – especially the hormone balance. A reproductive endocrinoligist (and I do recommend the reproductive kind for women to see) might find that your estrogen, serotonin, and/or thyroid levels are out of whack – which might also be a contributing factor to affective disorders. (The inner ear link should also be followed-up, as well as an allergy evaluation.) If the end result is finding out that you have ulcers – well then, problem (mostly) solved.

If this doesn’t reveal anything, move on to the meds. Try a different class of meds to see if the nausea stops.

Once the search for a physical cause is exhausted, look for a psychological cause. A psychiatrist just might not be the best type of counselor to examine psychosomatic symptoms. A psych will be more inclined to do either psychoanalysis or medication. A counselor that approaches it from a more behavioral point of view can help you keep a ‘nausea diary’ and go through relaxation and biofeedback techniques to control it.

Once a psychological cause has been exhausted, try looking for a spiritual cause. No, I’m not talking evil spirits. I’m talking about concerns about death and the meaning of life and self-love and healing of anger or guilt. Even an atheist should be able to see that worries in these areas can be unsettling. So, talk to the clergyperson of your choice about the big picture – it’s worth a try.


I had/have the same problem, mornings feeling rather nauseated, dry heaves and similar. After some hunting, we figured out it was linked to stress. What made it difficult to determine was that it wasn’t linked to high stress levels, but to low stress. Basically, I’d over produce stomach acid when I was under a constant state of minor stresses. Getting up early for work/school, Doing only soso in school, etc. Only real way to fight it is avoid such stresses, or take stuff to lower acid production. Currently, I’m avoiding minor stresses, the stuff my doctor had me try helped, but I’d wake up feeling wierd in the morning, not bad, just wierd.

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I wish they would’ve let me swallow the stuff. . .


hi snark!
I’m a little reclusive, too {i’m guessing you may be more than a little}, but trust me, the doctor thing is the way to go.
I’ve got gastroenterological reflux disorder–stomach acid gets into my throat. makes me cough when i’m under stress. how about you?
you’re not alone. the SD gang is all behind you 100%.
see the doc. It’s all for the best

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You could always succumb to the nausea and hurl… I know I always feel better after blowing chunks!

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Daniel: yes, I have acid reflux sometimes, usually in the middle of the night. I wake up coughing, and it’s a while before I can get to sleep again. I find that Tums really helps and is cheap.

Satan: That’s a novel idea. If all else fails, that’s what I’ll do. I do keep a bowl near my bedside, just in case.