Your top three movie funerals (spoilers duh!)

My top three movie funerals, based on how moving they were are .
1 Spock from Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn (of course)

2 The funeral part of 4 Weddings and a Funeral.

3 Rocket Gibralter a goofy movie where a group of kids give their grandfather Burt Lancaster a Viking Funeral against their parents wishes. (but it was what Mr. Lancaster wanted)
What are your top three movie funerals?

Number one would have to be the funeral at the end of The Third Man.

I’ll have to think about numbers two and three

Oh, it doesn’t get any better (or worse) than Annie’s funeral in the 1959 Imitation of Life, with the white horses pulling the hearse, Lana Turner biting her lip nobly, Mahalia Jackson singing up a storm, and little Sarah Jane breaking through the crowd and throwing herself on the casket, screaming, “Mama! I’m sorry! I killed her! I did it!

Dude, I have got to see that movie!

  1. Donny’s ‘funeral’ from The Big Lebowski.

  2. Spock’s funeral, of course.

  3. Hi Opal! (Just kidding!)

1-The one in Clerks
2-Frank Grimes’ funeral in The Simpsons (I know, not a movie…sue me)
3-Snowden’s funeral in Catch-22

In no particular order:

Romeo and Juliet - The Zeffirelli version, of course. There wasn’t a dry eye in my freshman English class when the movie ended, despite the fact that it was an all boys school.

Amadeus - Mozart’s own Requiem playing for his funeral. Brilliant.

Clear and Present Danger - The juxtaposition of Greer’s funeral with the massacre of the troops in Columbia was just devastating.


Inspector Cleaseau’s attending of his own funeral in…oh, hell, it was one of the Pink Panther movies.

Darth Vader’s funeral in Return of the Jedi.

And, what the hell, I’ll second Donny’s funeral.

Nate’s funeral in Six Feet Under (especially since it wasn’t real)

Spock’s funeral

Jack from Titanic

Eve’s is a great choice, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the funeral for Torrey (Elisha Cook, Jr.) in Shane. The film’s a bit overrated IMO, but Stevens frames the scene quite touchingly, with Torrey’s dog pawing at the pinebox as it’s lowered into the ground.

Credit should also be given to the touching French film Forbidden Games, about two children in post-war France who deal with the death all around them by constructing a pet cemetary.

Ooooh, how about that “funeral” in that Dutch thriller—what was it called: Vanished? Disappeared?

The Vanishing Although the only funeral (to apply the term a bit liberally) is the last “twist” shot of the film, which is why I’m practicing my spoiler coding

Somehow I knew a funeral thread would attract Eve.

Everyday is Day of the Dead.

The one at the end of Bang the Drum Slowly is pretty good.

and you want to include TV obviously the best is Chuckles the Clown from Mary Tyler Moore.

A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Little Seltzer Down Your Pants.

The funeral from “Four Weddings and a Funeral” always chokes me up.

I guess I don’t have a #2 & #3.

For funny TV funerals, the funeral for the Clown on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the similar funeral in Northern Exposure for the guy hit by the satellite were classic.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

The Royal Tenenbaums (“Died tragically rescuing his family from the wreckage of a destroyed sinking battleship”)

Braveheart (There’s just something about the little girl with the flower that gets to me)

And for the best tv funeral, I’d case my vote for the Northern Exposure episode when Chris eulogizes his friend by flinging him into the lake with a trebuchet while “A Whiter Shade of Pale” plays in the background.

  1. The Funeral scene in Big Trouble in Little China
  2. Sol Roth’s funeral/death in Soylent Green
  3. Donny’s funeral in The Big Lebowski

I always liked the funeral scene in Ingmar Bergman’s Let’s Not Talk About All These Women, mostly because of the music played in the background, and because it’s fascinating to realize that Bergman directed a slapstick comedy (it’s pretty funny, too).

And, of course, the monkey funeral in Sunset Boulevard tops things for wierdness.

Braveheart (Yup, it’s that little girl)

Navy SEALs (Nothing real special here, but just the thought of a dead SEAL, you know?)

Pet Sematary (Just can’t stand to see that little casket. Even though you know he’s coming back, but still…)

The funeral procession for the young boy in *Barry Lyndon{/I] is one of the two times I have outright sobbed at a movie since becoming an adult. The kid had been thrown from a horse, and as he lay dying he asked his parents to stop arguing and fighting all the time. The scene cuts to his coffin, being pulled to the cemetery on a small cart harnessed to two goats, that he had used to love to drive. I don’t know what the music was, but that picture and the swelling music really got to me.

Another good TV funeral was the one for “Captain Tuttle” in MASH.

Hawkeye had to do a eulogy, on the spot, for a guy who never existed.

Speaking of MASH reminds me of the, well, I guess it was a wake, for the Painless Pole in the movie.