Your views on toplessness

On guys.

On what occasions and under what conditions do you feel it is acceptable for a guy to go shirtless.

I was thinking of this while running today. It was over 90 and humid. My route starts in downtown Chicago, goes along the lakefront, and ends back in downtown. When it is this hot I often take my tanktop off when I get to the lake, and only put it back on when I have finished. Anything wrong with that?

Does it matter what age/shape the guy is in?

Other than the obvious swimming, and IMO many/most strenuous sports/games in hot weather, I generally feel it is preferable for guys to keep their shirts on. Basically out of politenes - consideration for those around them who may not care to see all that skin. Certainly shirts are appropriate while eating with others.

My basic preference is to wear as few clothes as possible. Shorts, no shoes or socks, no shirt. But as I’ve aged (42), I’ve started wearing a shirt more and more. A tank top when working around the house (also for sun protection). If going out or having folk over, I go to at least a sleeveless tee, with more shoulder coverage. Maybe if I’m at a picnic and we play volleyball or hoops, the shirt might come off. But then I’ll put it back on when done.

Whaddya think?

Oh yeah. Just so you don’t think I’m sexist, I would have no objection to women taking their tops off…

Shirt on or off, doesn’t matter to me. Just don’t let me catch you in a sports bra.

I concur with lieu.

So, fellas, you’d be OK if you were sitting on your front porch enjoying a beverage, and Dinsdale came jogging by in this?

I leave my shirt on unless the potential for a swim is imminent. I’ve got that pasty Irish complexion, and I’m a little soft in the middle. I try to show consideration for others

after viewing your link, i must issue the following warning:

you’ll put your eye out!

Sequential thread titles:

What questions should I ask of a prospective roommate?
Your views on toplessness.

My rules for myself. In public shirt is on. Trying to get a good tan now so when doing yard work I tend to do so in shorts, and go topless. I don’t think anyone wants to see me without a shirt so I put one on before going anywhere. If I can loose another 50lbs or so then I might do my walks without a shirt (Vegas gets hot!). I don’t mind seeing people without shirts (male or female) in public, but I’m not good looking enough to do so.

Me likes guys without shirts. Its like that hot dog commercial big ones, small ones, fat one, skinny ones. I admit to a mid range preference between fat and skinny… but shrug if I am seeing nipples and or chest hair I’m happy.

Aint summer in the desert great?

All the manly men in my area wear their jeans and workboots, but will run around without their shirts.

jeans and workboots droooool

OK, I have my steel toed 8" Rocky boots (fawn color), and my well worn but still good Levi’s ready to go. I’ll even throw on a tool belt as a fashion accessory.:wink:

I’m a caring individual, so under NO circumstances do I take off my shirt! :wink:


Why is a man with stuff on his belt so damned sexy?

If the guy is doing something sweaty, and has an okay bod (by which I mean, no breasts), I don’t have a problem with it. Sitting around on the porch – shirt, pls.

Actually, lieu, if the guy needs a sports bra, I’d just as soon he wore one…

:: back to the gym for me! ::

I have no major preferences about toplessness on anyone. Toplessness is legal in Ontario for both sexes, but almost no-one does it unless they’re young and good-looking.

Having been to nudist events, I can confirm that the novelty of bare skin goes away after about 5 minutes. If you are physically interested in a person, you probably would have been interested in then bare skin or not. Nudist events are very educational because they show us exactly how far most of us are from the fashionistas’ tyrranical “ideals”. No-wonder they’ve been discouraged.

The belt, with its jutting tools, is symbolic of our …power to reshape the universe to our desires. Yeah, that’s it. :slight_smile:

I’m all for toplessness. Hell, it’s been hot enough here that I wish I could be sitting on my front porch nekkid.

Damn hampsters…

Actually, lieu, if the guy needs a sports bra, I’d just as soon he wore one…

Now that’s the double post from hell.