Your Wacky Appetizers

Thanks on both counts, Zenster. Regarding the eggs, you’re right-- I wasn’t thinking about the green effect, although you and I will never get along when it comes to hard-boiled eggs. Anything smacking of runny makes me gag (literally).

As for the plantains, the ones I’ve been buying have been yellow, verging on brown. They look like extremely ripe bananas, but are of course not remotely mushy. I’ve been preparing them by slicing them in 3/4" rounds, frying in the deep-fat fryer on the highest setting until they’re golden. Then I take them out, squish them flat (as per the instructions I’ve found in every fried plaintain recipe) and fried them for another 2 minutes. They look and taste OK, but the texture is still too starchy and the flavor not as sweet. I did try not squishing them, and that definitely didn’t improve things. It’s a bummer, because I absolutely love the ones I get at restaurants.

Beadalin, try going with a shorter deep fry duration and get the color from finishing them in the pan. The fryer is chasing out a lot of moisture from the slices. It sounds like the pieces are thick enough, so my eyes are on the hot spot in your process.