Strange Dinners

Every so often I hear about something strange/new/interesting I’d like to make for dinner. Last night two of these ideas collided.

In the “grape pie” thread, somebody mentioned blueberry soup. I had to try this and we have a ton of blueberries. I’ve also been making different maki, having recently purchased a rice cooker (thanks, PrimeDay).

I’d always wanted to try Spam Musubi, but I’ve never eaten Spam and was hesitant. So, last night I went all out. Blueberry Soup, Spam/cucumber Maki, Spam Musubi, Seaweed Salad, served with champagne.

My gf started laughing halfway through our meal. Everything was delicious, but strange.

Made any strange meals lately?

I was looking for a quick, late supper. I had a can of corned beef hash. I poached eggs, heated the hash and made toast. Weird to us, but tastier than we thought it would be. It sorta hit the spot, as it where.

There was a place we used to go to that had a fantastic clam pizza. It’s gone now.

I found a can of clams in the pantry and said, “What the hell?” So, I got a frozen 5-Cheese pizza, and tonight I’m gonna dump the clams on it with a ton of minced garlic and Yum!

I’ll let you know tomorrow if it was worth a shit.

Mmmmmmmm, clam pizza sounds great, though I’d go with a plain shell and dress the pizza with the clams after simmering in olive oil, basil, garlic, tomatoes, and maybe leave off the cheese.

ETA: maybe serve with a pitcher of Bloody Ceasers!

There was a place in Chicago that a friend took a group of us and they had claw chowder pizza… it was as advertised and it was delicious.

Where are you from, that is a pretty standard breakfast in many areas of the US, though some people like other than poached eggs. I make a mean CBH omelette.

Yeah, that sounds like a really ordinary meal to me. I wouldn’t even think it weird to eat it for dinner. My sister loves corned beef hash, and she’d eat it for any meal any time of the day.

As it happens, a white clam pizza (freshly shucked littleneck clams, grated cheese, olive oil, garlic and oregano) is the specialty of one of the oldest and best pizzerias in America.

I’d use bechamel sauce too. :o

One of the most enduring memories I have of my baby brother’s birth (1964) was being shuttled off to his grandparents’ for the weekend. For supper, they had corned beef hash out of the can and topped with runny (yecccch! :mad:) poached eggs. Served family style, along with with corn out of the can.

I had never had such a meal (I was nine at the time), but I often do today. I just poach the egg until the yolk is firm, or have a fried egg instead.

I’m from Minnesota, BTW.

Joe’s Pizza used to offer a Pizza Bianca del Mare (white pizza with clams, crab, and shrimp). I haven’t thought of them in at least a decade.

We have a vegan friend who visits once in a while and stays for dinner so we either get delivery or I get creative in the kitchen. She always lets us know in advance when she’ll be visiting.

Had a great clam pizza at San Matteo, Upper East Side, NYC.

I said weird for us. Jeez, guys. I am in s. Arkansas. I don’t think I have ever eaten CBH for breakfast. But it was a good supper dish. I will do it again sometime.

There’s a pizza place here with all manner of unusual pizza toppings, clam and bacon is their specialty, and it is very tasty!

We have a can of roast beef hash, cooked in a frying pan till it forms a crust on the bottom, with a dash of tabasco and fried eggs. Hash in cans has been on the shelves past, present, and will be well into the future. We have it maybe once a month.
OK - unusual meals? Sometimes I buy random no-name items from the Dollar Tree (spring rolls, packages of vegetables, jalapeno poppers, burritos, frozen shrimp tempura (!), chocolate lava cake, frozen chocolate coated bananas, frozen root beer popsicles. Most of it is edible, if not goor-may eatin’. Always interesting what I can put together, and fun.

Like sex, corned beef hash and an egg is good any time during the day! :o

I’ll take that under advisement. Good to know.

Oh gosh, I haven’t been to Joe’s in years. I was dating a friend of his when he opened the first store in Bailey’s Crossroads ('86ish? Since bulldozed, I think). We spent a LOT of time in that place! They started doing the seafood after he married his wife, who came over from Italy. Loved the seafood pizza with little mussels and tentacles on it.

I think the weirdest thing I’ve done recently was a chicken dish with Syrian spices, served over quinoa. The weirdest one ever was probably monkfish baked with jack fruit. It might have been better with a lighter fish like cod, but I just didn’t like the combination at all.

I just ate two pastrami quesadillas. Spread Dijon on the outside of the tortillas; added sauerkraut, pepper jack cheese, and chopped jalapeños. Garnished with a mild hot sauce.

It was a weird way to use up the rest of the sandwich I had yesterday, but it turned out pretty tasty!

I have actually cooked rattlesnake. Mind you I didn’t eat any. It smelled way too fishy and gamey. Mr.Wrekker and his poker pal ate it all up like it was manna from heaven. Nasty.

Reminds me of what I call the German omelettes I used to make: Eggs, liverwurst, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese, sauteed in unsalted butter. Served with buttered rye toast, very tasty!

Haven’t made one of these in years; I’ll have to give it a go again soon! :o

Have you (or he) ever tried it in chili? I’ve read it figures in many recipes.

My penultimate girlfriend and I would always go to a particular Chinese restaurant for dinner on Valentine’s Day. She would invariably order sauteed frogs’ legs, which tasted to me like a cross between chicken and fish. Then she’d dig into a plate of tofu swimming in hot peanut oil with red pepper flakes.

Yeccch! :mad: I loathe tofu!