Your WHAT hurts?

A talking head on the evening news reported a subject who was “shot in the robbery.”

I’ll admit that it has been a few years since I worked in the Emergency Room, and as such, I consulted Gray’s Anatomy and found no listing for ‘robbery.’

Given that I may have missed this evolutionary step, I’m forced to wonder how many ‘robberies’ are present at birth. Should my left (or upper?) robbery become ruptured and/or infected, can I continue with only one remaining?

If reduced in size owing to a pituitary condition, does my robbery become a petty theft?

Viewing the converse, should a hyperactive kleptothyroid gland affect my robbery, does it metastasize into grand larceny?

And I thought I was anal-retentive about semantics!

Could this have been an allusion to breast feeding, in that robberies are a pseudonym for breasts? I’m thinking of Joni Mitchell and her song* Raised on Robbery*.

Of course, you REALLY don’t want to get an infected larceny. Shudder

“It’s a lie. He didn’t get anywhere near my robberies.”

Now, perhaps your Gray’s can clear something else up for me. I read, in a history of the Civil War, that Stonewall Jackson was shot “in the thick of the fray”. Is that above or below the neck?

Are any of you people named “Kleinzeit”, by any chance?

Perhaps you misheard, and he got shot while he was out gardening in his shrubbery.

Polonius was stabbed in the arras. That’s gotta smart.

I was watching Dragnet a couple of weeks ago when the TV cop said “The victim was shot in the chest above Hollywood and Vine.”

So where exactly would that be on the corpse?

No, no. He clearly meant the victim was in a chest at the time he was shot. And, the chest was above Hollywood and Vine.

No, no. He clearly meant the victim was in a chest at the time he was shot. And, the chest was above Hollywood and Vine.

Was this a chest of drawers, was someones chest in someone elses drawers, or what this a challenge to drop your drawers and draw?

The artistically challenged wil likely disdain the last option.

Should it be in charcoal, pastels, or watercolor?

too many options!

As an artist, I’m inclined to say that I’m often either inclined to drop my drawers, or to draw, but neither at the same time.

If someone were going to drop their drawers so I could draw them, I’d do it in charcoal, as you wouldn’t want someone with dropped drawers to be pastel like a parcel full of Easter eggs.

So it’s not likely that you would fancy yourself as an artistic gunslinger.

Drop yer drawers and draw, Pardner!

Many mental images abound, none pretty. :eek:

Salvador Dali always dropped his drawers when he drew. He thought that he could draw better naked.

I would imagine getting shot in the fracas would really hurt.