Your Yearly Dose of Holiday Irony

Keep Christ in Xmas.

Why? Does he keep trying to sneak out when he thinks nobody’s paying attention?

(I do get the irony of the statement – was this on a sign or something?)

My sister argues that the “X” is okay because Christ is the English term for the Greek Χριστός (Khristós).

How about Hanukkah ham?

I agree with your sister.

“May the joy of the Christmas season flood your hearts in whatever way you choose to celebrate it.”

(Company memo)

Yeah, there’s really no “Agree or Disagree” here, it’s just true.

Granted, if I have to abbreviate anymore, I’ll use C-mas, C-tian, C-nity because too many people misunderstand the X.

I’ll put the Christ back in Christmas if you put the Thor back in Thursday.
I can just picture a a bunch of people, every week, dressing in fur, wearing horned helmets, carrying hammers. I’d love to come to work like that and, if my boss gripes, tell him that he is violating my religious rights.

I’d dress like that every day if I could get away with it.

Let’s put the Frigg back in Friday. Imagine the advertising potential: “It’s Friggin’ Friday, people!”

You mean, you don’t do that already? I thought everyone did.

It was hard enough getting them to accept Goths! And I know they hate the Vandals, too.

Was it Frigg or Freya that was the fertility goddess?

Your Fridays may become very interesting.

I’m so stealing this for my FB. In two days, of course.

Glad to help!

I know that Wednesday was originally to honor Odin however I think it should be updated to honor the Flying Spaghetti Monster. After all, Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day!