You're An Adult, And Someone Farts In Church

Can you stifle your laughter?

Me, I can’t and am definitely a #2 choice. Of course when you run out, everyone may think it was you. :slight_smile:


What the hell am I doing in church?

Also, I need to add that this is a regular church sermon only.



Nope. I cackle, and leave.
My grandma, would, at times during Mass, let 'er rip. Then, she’d turn to the person(s) on either side of her, and say, “Better out than in!”
OMG. Between wanting to die of embarrassment, and running out of there laughing my ass off, it was sheer hell.

I’d just sit silently in the pew.

Not a chance.


Even as a child bodily fluid humor was lost on me.

No offense to anyone, but it seems to me that when you reach adulthood, certain jokes should no longer be rip-roaringly hilarious. Flatulence jokes top that list.

Yah. But some people find them never-endingly funny, and laugh and laugh and laugh.

The polite thing to do is pretend it never happened, and I am a subscriber of Miss Manners’ way of doing things.

This scenario is exactly why I stopped going to church.

I enjoy a nice fart as much as the next person, but what really used to kill us in church were my mom’s stomach gurgles. The noises would start off with a few “???” as though her stomach was awakening from sleep, surprised to find itself in church, and then proceed to make enthusiastic comments on the sermon such as “!” and “wha wha wha wha wha”.

I thought that was why they had loud organ music & burned incense at funerals.

I thought that people who fart in church get to sit in their own pew-

I’m sorry, what?

Wait, there’s fluids? Because that tips the balance - I’m not sure if it tips it towards laughing or not laughing, but it certainly changes the equation. :slight_smile:

I will cry the day I no longer find farts funny.

I don’t think I would run screaming in laughter, but I don’t think I could suppress a smile or even a snicker.

So I didn’t answer the poll.

And yeah … liquid is a whole 'nother ball game. Or depth of pew.


Bolding mine.