You're Fired! Will You Marry Me?

That pretty much sums up my Monday.

Receptionist was on vacation so I had front desk duty all day. I pop open The Dope and settle in for a nice long day of surfing and phone answering. Well I’m not even at work for 45 minutes when VP comes down and says: “CEO wants to see you in his office.” Um, ok. Let me get a tech to cover the phones for me. “Don’t worry, I’ll get the phones” says VP.

OK. Now I know somethings up.

I’m walking up the stairs to the third floor and I say to myself: I’m getting fired right now.

I walk into CEO office and he’s got this sad look on his face and I just smile. Yes. This is it. He sits me down at his conference table and he says: “Duck, we’re going to have to let you go. This is really hard because youre such a good worker, but we’re just losing money left and right so we’ve gotta let about 5 people go today.”

I knew the end of the company was near. Our sales force can’t sell shit. 5 people equates to 20% of our employees. So its a big deal. I am the Admin Assistant/Sales Coordinator/HR Director. I already had my resume updated, I just wasnt expecting it TODAY. So ok, thats how it goes. Its a shame but what can you do? We work out the vacation and severance details. I’ll be set for about 30 days, then unemployment can kick in. CEO promises to write me 1000 referral letters, and vows to personally speak with everyone in the city to get me another job.

I go to stand and leave and I put out my hand. CEO gives me a big hug. He gets all choked up, so then I get all choked up. Then I remind him, through tears, about lunch for the board meeting next week and I go to my desk to pack up. VP leaves the front desk to come by my cube and he offers a “Sorry it had to come to this” I didnt look at him. Him and his sales team are at the bottom of my list right now. Those other 4 who got laid off? NOT any sales people, I can guarantee you that.

I pack up my desk, which was really 80% packed anyway, and head out.

Well later that evening, my boyfriend wants to meet for dinner. He said “Let’s go out to eat since you’ve had a pretty bad day.” We have just moved in together, and he works at the company I just got fired from. So he knew what happened, and he also knows the consequences of losing an income. (He could lose his by the end of this year) I was slowly getting depressed about losing the money, not the job.

I walk in and he’s at a table near the bar. I sit, a cockail already waiting for me. Lovely. Then he slides a box across the table to me. A small box with a bow on it. It was flattish, I thought maybe = earrings? Why would you spend money on jewelry NOW? I didn’t nag though, I just silently opened the box. Inside I found a tiny velvet bag. I take out my grandmother’s engagement ring. I just look at him and he says: “I thought this would help your day.” I came around to him and hugged him, starting to cry, and he says “So is that a yes?”

Not very romantic, but wonderful all the same.

So that’s my story. Bad&Good News. Then Better News. Yay! :smiley:

So it didn’t turn out all bad! Well that’s wonderful story. Felicitations and all that!

Wow! Congratulations…

You know, I love my job. I love being financially stable. But if getting fired is what it takes to get a marriage proposal, well, I’m willing to be fired. Of course, this plan would work better if I had a boyfriend.

I’m willing to get a letter of reprimand if it will get me a date. Hey, you got to start somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:
ThatDuckIsEvil, congratulations, and convey my best wishes to ThatDuckIsEvil Boyfriend/Fiance’. There’s a reason why I don’t congratulate both of you, but I forget what it is now. Just think of all the time you’ll have to plan the wedding!

Not very romantic?? Your grandmother’s engagement ring, the cocktail waiting for you after a stressful day, not wasting words where they might seem trite… NOT ROMANTIC???

Damn, women are hard to please sometimes. :slight_smile:

Anyway, congrats! Jobs come and go, but love might just be forever. Trust me, I know.

I have to agree with the clogmeister on this one. :smiley:

Anyway congrats to you and the lucky guy.


Am I the only one who came in here expecting a creepy story about a lonely boss who had a lousy way of avoiding harrassment charges?

I, too, was wondering how the Boss was going to propose without so much as a date first. I’ve got to stop taking these thread titles so seriously.

Hey, congratulations! From one extreme to the other, eh?

Hey, I’m glad you were in a situation where a marriage proposal was a good thing.

If you hadn’t felt that way about the guy, it REALLY would have been the cherry on the cake… :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, you’re engaged to a guy who’s going to be unemployed soon – you might want to hold out for someone with a steady job…
<d & r>


You don’t congratulate the bride to be because congratulations suggests achievement - i.e. good job in landing that man. Supposedly ladies do not attempt to get men to marry them, and therefore have not actually exerted skill or effort, unlike the man, who has had to win her. Best wishes are what you give the bride to be.

Hey, I don’t make the rules. I just report them.

Hey, I never thought of it that way. A good point.

You know, I thought maybe I had gotten them mixed up, but I rationalized that you congratulate the bride, because she was sucessful at finding a husband (which, in the old days, was presumed to be the thing all women wanted the most), and gave best wishes to the groom, because to congratulate him would make it appear that he had to work at getting the woman to marry him (and everyone knows every man is a gift to all women, so getting one to marry you should be easy).

I may be more cynical than I want to be.
Best wishes, ThatDuckisEvil, and congrats to your guy.

But I’m not taking back my first set of celebratory comments, because this is, after all, the Century of the Fruitbat. Or something like that.

Wow, that sucks; hey, that’s great!

I thought for a moment that Donald Trump fired you and then asked to marry you.
Imagine my relief.
Congrats to ThatDuckIsEvil’sFiance for most excellent taste in superior, intelligent women.

He really needs a user name all his own. How about something along the duck line: Fowl Guy, Drake Dastardly, DuckEchoQuack, Duckster, Duckarini, FowlAirOne, FowlFiancee…etc.

I was thinking the same thing!!

Congratulations Duck! I think that was very sweet of your beau to do that. It definitely takes away the sting of getting fired!

Not romantic? As Coldie suggests, I don’t think it gets much more romantic than that. You had this 40 year old guy almost crying at his desk at work. Almost. Geez, talk about potentially embarassing!

Oh, and Congrats, Duck! Guess you’re not so Evil after all. :wink:

I too thought that the CEO’s hug would turn into a grope and then that your boyfriend, working for the same company, would turn out to be in sales.

Good thing you wrote the story… I like your ending better. Congrats!

Congratulations and condolances wishes for luck in all endeavors.