You're indestructible. What do YOU want to do?

It’s the question that’s plagued mankind throughout the centuries…if you became indestructible, what would you do?

The setup is pretty simple…you, the reader, have become permenantly indestructible. Invincible, even. Nothing can harm you physically, and you’re impervious to disease or poison, etc. You DON’T have superhuman strength, however. (That’d just be silly.)

Now, after a thorough study of the works of great thinkers and sages, I’ve decided that I’d…

•Eat lava, just because I could.
•Go down to a street corner every day, and immolate myself for money. Like a street performer.
•March right into the Department of Justice and take the Warren Commission files. (Well, maybe not that last one…unless I got bored.)
•Go skydiving without a chute, just to see how big a crater I leave on the ground.
•If I didn’t need to breathe anymore, I’d visit the Titanic wreckage…without a submarine. Or a boat.

So…anyone else care to join in?

Out of curiosity, could one move unaided at the bottom of the ocean? Invulnerability to the pressure aside, wouldn’t there be a hell of a lot of resistance?

Not ever worrying about condoms again would be nice. And imagine the money to be made on bar bets! Or you could be the world champion in boxing a la Homer Simpson (stand there until your opponent punches himself out then knock him over).

The problem is, a lot of the stuff you’d want to do would end up getting you arrested. Once you’re in jail, you can be as invincible as you want, and you’re still not getting through the walls. The only conceivable way out would be to kill a whooole lotta guards and make a break for it, and I’d wager they’d have you subdued and immobilized before you managed to get away.

Yes, I’m overanalyzing. Because it’s fun! :smiley:


[li]“I can eat glass. It does not hurt me.”[/li][li]Two words: Fighting crime.[/li][li]Well, maybe a few more words: Streets of NYC, with all the guns I can steal, or probably barehanded just for a challenge.[/li][li]Driving really fast, preferably while reading or posting to the SDMB.[/li][li]Pay-Per-View. “I’ll do anything, just $199.95 an hour!”[/li][li]Professional boxing: A winner is you! ;)[/li][li]Globe-trotting crimefighter/general do-gooder. (Heh. General Do-Gooder. Gotta get those tights made now.)[/li][li]Polar bear wrestling.[/li][/ul]

I think NASA would be beating a path to your door - especially if you don’t need oxygen. Re-entry would be a breeze too - should be down your alley - you’d make one HELL of a crater, or a humongous splash.

I guess, for the purposes of this exercise, that invulnerability comes with the ability to not feel physical pain?

Two chicks at the same time.

I would first learn a bit of Arabic. Then, I would go terrorist hunting. Then, when they shot me, I would claim Allah had sent me to send them to hell. (This is to mess with their heads.) Hopefully, I could catch one of the higher ups, and get the reward money.

Thwart the plans of the evil Mysterons from Mars, of course.

Pedal one of those giant, 3-wheeler looking things over Niagara Falls.

Jump to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Swim with sharks (just me and my chum). heh

Pet a lionfish. Hold a Gaboon viper. Befriend a polar bear.

I also like the exploring ocean bottom idea, would be cool to see one of those black smokers up close.

To add to the eating lava, I’d like to ride out an eruption as close to the crater as possible.

Ride in a tornado.

Use a power station as a jungle gym.

First, I’d start out as a stunt man, doing all the things you see people do in movies. I’m sure I could be used for performing stunts that have never been done before because of the danger. Think of all the new possibilities this would open up for the movie industry. On my own time I’d like to try skydiving (including into the Grand Canyon). I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be Wile E. Coyote (he seems to be indestructible in spite of all his failures). I also think it would be cool to explore the ocean floor, the Arctic Circle, climb Mt. Everest and all the other higher mountains around the world. I’d take a trip over Niagara Falls (without a barrel). Once I was bored with what the earth has to offer I’d explore outer space. In space I’d like to explore the moon and then each of the planets and their moons (and the rings of Saturn). I’d help science to further understand the theory of relativity by allowing them to shoot me through space at superfast speeds so that I could record my findings and report back to the scientists firsthand what I experienced and observed.

[Great Debate]
Unfortunately the OP doesn’t say anything about immunity to pain. On a realted note, although I don’t see where the OP equates indestructibility with immortality, it is hard to ignore the fact that somone who is indestructible would have a greater tendancy to live longer. Though I suppose an IP (Indestructible person) could eventually die of old age[/Great Debate]

On to the OP:
What would I do? If I knew I was indestructible, I would not have been so non-confrontational as a kid. Knowing that the bullies in school would not have been able to do anything to me, I would have stuck up for myself more.

I would also try Skydiving, seriously consider joining the military (well… maybe not. If the military knew I was indestructible, they would probably send me in to do their ultra-secret dirty work).

You know, I’m not sure what else I’d do. I’m not sure I’d do anything else different.

Give up shaving.

You’d have no choice in that.

No haircuts, either.

Now I’d begin a profitable career in boxing.

I figured this one out *years * ago. I’d go play tag. With rocket launchers. In an oil refinery. :smiley:

Of course, that assumes I have at least one friend who shares my invulnerability.

Somebody’s been reading The Tick

Making the assumption above, I’d like to visit the sun with an option of the metallic hydrogen surface of Jupiter if the sun is too crowded that time of year :slight_smile: . Getting there may take a while unless I get launched into space by a rocket of some kind, so sign me up for that too.

Run with scissors.

Sit millimeters away from the TV.

Stick my arm out the bus window.

Jump down the stairs.

Cross my eyes for hours at a time.

Go out in the rain without boots, a raincoat, or an umbrella.

Go out in the cold without a hat, coat or mittens.

Stick things in my ear.

Being indistructible does not make one invulnerable. You could easily be captured and totured in ways that do not require physical damage or pain. Psychological torture can oftentimes be much worse than physical. Think Sensory Deprevation Tanks. :wink:

muldoonthief: you forgot taking candy from strangers and petting strange dogs.

Anyway, am I the only one who would start a cult?

“Lo, see you that I embrace the engulfing flame, and am not consumed; though I may drink of foul poisons and am bitten by the viper, I yet do not succumb; though smitten by stone and steel, I remain unharmed. Therefore give unto me your cash, and let me sex up your women.”

obtain a sword, preferably longer than you are tall, and go around telling people, “me be Og. for there can be only one.”