You're trying to ban SALT?!

No kidding. Salt to be banned in restaraunts in NY if this bill passes.

The text:

I don’t have the words to describe how unbelievable this is. Salt is needed for most sauces (especially Asian ones), it is critical in baking, it is a staple of flavor. Just…wow.

Why is this being introduced? High blood pressure is my only guess.

I agree. It should be the other way around. Chefs/cooks use salt to make their dishes, but no additional salt can be provided at the tables. At least that’s they way it should be at the higher-end restaurants.

Any top chef worth his salt (heh) would put out food that absolutely didn’t need any extra seasoning, and patrons of those kinds of restaurants should just go with it.

Do you want legally force me to finish my vegetables, too?

Banning the salt from the tables is insufferable nannyism. Banning salt from the kichens is critical cognitive failure.

Noooo! Salt is my favorite food! I don’t see how this could possibly happen- early April Fool’s?

I’ll bet that clown’s a Democrat!

Hmm…let’s see…c’mon Google, do your thing…

YEP! I frickin’ knew it!

(And people wonder why I think liberals and Democrats are the greatest threat to our freedoms. :rolleyes:)

You can have my right to an attorney, but you’ll have to pry my salt out of my cold, dead hands!

Yep, because banning salt is totally like…aw, you know what, fuck it. Get the Dem!

Starving Artist, there’s stupidity from all corners. Yep, this one comes from a democrat – but that’s not a surprise, because NY is majoratively Dem.
On the other hand – WTF New York?!

I guess the levels of snot,puke,boogers,cum,rat droppings and incects are all still acceptable?

You mean, in the food served in restraunts?

IM against this but, i heard that due to socialized medison, Scandinavian countries have banned iodized salt, and can only use sea salt. Anyone else hear this?

It’s a simple problem to solve; just bring a couple of gay friends with you on your night out. Should your meal be under-salted, have them make out, and your waitress will helpfully turn into a pillar of your needed condiment.

No, I mean in the shaker with the salt.

This is too easy a target to pass up.

Who backed Prop 8?

Nope, care to provide some sort of reference so we can see what you’re talking about?

“I heard” isn’t exactly factual backing.

I thought that those other condiments traditionally got their own separate shakers.

Sometimes the slippery slope isn’t a fallacy.

:dubious: In New York?!? I rather suspect that your waitress has seen it all, and that a couple of gay guys making out in a restaurant wouldn’t get so much as a second glance from her.

First they banned putting cocaine in the hot dogs, and you just knew that salt would be the next thing to go. It was practically a foregone conclusion.
Which is to say, where exactly did you see somebody predicting salt-banning when some prior ban was being proposed? I would have thought the notion of banning table salt would be too insane for humans to imagine. (Er, the law currently under discussion notwithstanding.)

No legislator worth his salt will vote for this.

Sorry, had to do that…

As we all know, many foods merely serve as a platform for ingesting salt. Fries come to mind.