Youth and Self-Discipline

So I have determined that i have very little self control or self discipline. I decide things I am not going to do, and when it comes down to the opportunity to say yes or no, I do what I previously thought I wasn’t going to do. There is no rational justification for going against my own decisions.

It sucks that this happens to be wrapped in a moral dilemma.

I guess I meant this to be a poll about what I could do to be less retarded in the self-control /discipline situation, but i kinda forgot my point.

Carry on.

The first thing I thought when I saw this thread was “Damn, another example of people using pollitically incorrect and derogative language to express an exaggeration.”

If this thread was titled “What can I do to work on maintaining self-control and discipline?” I might actually have a little respect for you and your issue and might have tossed in my $.02 on how you could get help.

To avoid having this go to the pit please just take a look at your language and (unless you’re ever in the pit) try to keep it from offending anyone.

Using the word retarded in the way you have really offends the hell out of me. We have one Downs child and one cerebral palsy child in our family, so you can imagine how using retarded to describe what you consider to be acts of idiocy cuts right to the bone. As if having a disability is just a matter of pulling your shit together.

I’m not going to get in a huge pissing match over it, because I’m sure once you think it over, you’ll know it’s a poor choice of words.

I apologize for my pathetic word choice. I should have realized that it was not good. You live and you learn, and I have learned yet another important lesson.

Moving this to MPSIMS.

Mayhaps you should ask a mod to change your thread title - leaving it like it is is bound to only generate more posts similar to the current ones.

Stccrd - Let me just say that the use of the word retarded in the instance is appropriate.

If one has not developed self control and discipline you can rightfully say that you are retarded in that area of development.

So to everyone else… get over it.

It’s not pit-worthy.

Perhaps I’ve just had enough of the PC police as of late and I should point out that the last 10 years of my life has been spent taking care of those society often calls retarded. I actually hate labels and prefer to call them by their first names and treat them like I do anyone else.

When you think about it, we are all retarded in some form or another, it’s just that our defects are less evident. It is better that we call ourselves retarded than assign that label to other people.

Not to throw gasoline on the fire, but the word ‘fucktard’ has been tossed around like Halloween candy lately. It’s been given a pass as far as I can see. I am not critizing slolatt’s right to be offended by the word ‘retarded.’ And I’m not critizing Stccrd, either. But what’s the dif?

I said I wasn’t going to get into a pissing match and I meant it. I appreciate your apology, Stoord.

As for you, Feynn, you just don’t have a clue how it affects me. So don’t tell me to get over it.

I edited the thread title at the request of the OP. The rest of y’all can stop bickering now.

I’ll attempt some sort of reply to the OP.

From my experience it was important for me to analyze what I did after the event where I weant against my best judgement. I susspect you will find there were real reasons (even if they are reasons you don’t like) for making the decisions you did. Then its just a case of trying to work out how you might change in the future to make the decisions you would prefer to have made. Now decide if that change is something you want to embark uppon.
It is very important to realise You Don’t Need To Change If You Don’t Want To !
It is also improtant to not beat yourself up over bad decisions.
Hope this helps.
Cheers, Keithy