Youthful Essence

I just got my Susan Lucci’s Youthful Essence home microdermabrasion system! I thought that I could help any ladies of a certain age with some product reviews as we try to hold back the hands of time. I will periodically update this thread with my experience with said product. To make a long story short, I will be the guinea pig and try to deter folks if this product is crappy.
So…day one…you have this handheld vibrator with a pad on it. Fill the pad with the “crystals” that Susan goes on about and turn on the vibrator. Apply some moderate pressure and move over the skin on your face, effectively scraping away dead skin cells with the crystals and pressure. Well, having to move a vibrating tool over your face is jarring. You can feel the crystals abrading your skin, and that’s okay, but I feel compelled to hold my mouth open (to make skin more taut) while doing so and it strains after a minute or two. My face was a tad tender right afterward, nothing to really compain about, and did have a nice pink glow. But it glows also after cleaning with a bufpuf. Skin feels nice and smooth. We’ll see it goes. I’m supposed to do this for 7 days and then wait 5 days and do another 7-day regimen. Then, you should only have to do “maintenance” every couple weeks. Yeah, we’ll see.

Gee! I’ve always just used table salt. But I will reconsider if you become radiant. :slight_smile:

This sounds like it exfoliates. What ever happened to sugar and lotion?

That sounds like too much effort…
I think the Skeksis had the right idea… Essense of Gelfling anyone?