Youtube - best tear jerking moments in film.

Spoilers, obviously, so watch out…

It’s a toss up between a sam/frodo bit near the end of LotR RotK

And the final episode of Battlestar galactica where Laura Roslin dies. I can’t seem to find the clip for that one (only compilation clips) Can anyone help out?

Post those clips that bring a tear to your eye no matter how many times you see them.

Too late for edit: The thing that triggered the memory of the LotR clip was hearing a certain piece of music being used in episode 5 of Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain. I was trying to remember what film the music was from but couldn’t. (I had originally thought it might be from that scene but it wasn’t) Well now I have. Shawshank redemption. Another film with tears, but tears of Joy.

ETA: Having just rewinded, I was wrong. Not Shawshank. It sounds like the music from the third Star Wars prequel where Order 66 has just been given.

I’d say Roslin’s death and Bill Adama’s reaction is the thing that gets me every time. I was surprised to see you mentioned it already.

Robin And Marion (Audry Hepburn and Sean Connery, 1976) The scene at the end where Marion is describing how much she loved Robin as they both lay dying.

Dark Victory (Bette Davis 1939) The scene at the end, when she realizes that she only has a short time left and sendes her best friend off so she can meet death bravely by herself.

Sorry, but this computer is dead slow and hates Youtube. No links but I know you can find both scenes just by searching.

Oh for Og’s sake, what are you all talking about? Everyone knows the most tear-jerking scene in history is this. Now if you’ll excuse me, this is quite a dusty room and I seem to have something in my eye.

The opening montage from “Up.”

Ah, I forgot about this one. That, and when he looks through her adventure book and realizes he did give her the adventure of a lifetime.

I think the rest of the movie was just OK, but I have to give Disney/Pixar credit for writing a cartoon about an old man and releasing it. I could see most studios shooting the idea down.

Spocks death from wrath of Khan. If ever I feel the need to have a good bawl, I put that on. Tears still flow like Niagra Falls…(frankie Angel)

Blade Runner - TEARS IN RAIN

I agree with Robin And Marion. That scene would make a stone weep. (I’ve never understood why this film is held in such low regard.)

The ending to Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights.

No, you are all wrong. This is the one.


The President’s pre-launch speech in Armegeddon.

The Fisher King

“Can I miss her now?”


“Brokeback Mountain” Jack, I swear… Man, this room is dusty, too. :sniff:

The LOTR one is a close second for me; “My friends, you bow to no one.” That kills me every time.

No respect for the classics? Bambi’s mom? Old Yeller?

you bastard!

:: sobs ::

What? No Kiwi?

I didn’t find the clip, but the ending of Field of Dreams makes me weep every. single. time. It’s when Kevin Costner recognizes his father as a young ball player. “Wanna have a catch, Dad?” GAH.

Damn these allergies. (Right after that, my husband and I started talking about how it was good that we were taking trips together when we could. Completely coincidentally, I assure you.)

They kicked up during the end of RotK for me as well - pretty much when Annie Lennox started in on singing “Into the West” I was a wreck.