Youtube Controls Disappear

When going full screen in youtube, the controls for start, pause, volumen, etc, disappear after a few seconds and reappear when you move your mouse. Is there a way to have them always remain?

I’m pretty sure you can’t change it, sorry.

If you go to settings the only thing regarding full screen videos that you’ll see if is it’ll automatically change to a higher resolution upon changing to full screen.

I had no idea there were settings you could even change in youtube, so for alerting me to that fact, I thank you.

If you’re full-screen the controls obscure the bottom 40 or so pixels of the video, that’s why the controls disappear.

What you need is like “not quite full screen but scaled large enough so the YouTube controls can appear below the video without obscuring it and also black-out the rest of the monitor”. Unfortunately, they haven’t written that mode yet.

I just discovered something. If you go full screen, press pause, and then hit space, a yellow box appears around the play/pause button. If press play and keep the space bar down, the controls stay!