YouTube on iPhone: TV Connected? What TV?

Im experiencing a weird problem with watching YouTube videos on my iPhone. Starting about two days ago, occurring seemingly randomly, I’m out and about and I start up YouTube and choose a video to watch – instead of the video I get a message that says “TV Connected: This video is playing on the TV.”

I’m nowhere near a TV! How do I get it go play normally?

I believe that this has nothing to do with YouTube directly. The iPhone has the capability to be connected to an external video monitor (aka a TV) and send video to said monitor instead of to its own screen. The dock connector detects when an external monitor is attached. It sounds to me like somehow your iPhone sometimes thinks that that’s the case.

I don’t know if that can be caused by something as simple as a dirty connector port, of if it’s a sign of a more serious internal software problem.

On my iPod, the video connection is through the heaphone jack, You can blug in a two channel jack to use as an audio feed, but if you but there is a third feed which will connect up if you put in a 3 channel connector. The docking port isn’t involved at all in this case.