You've got to be kidding. . .

This happened to me a few years ago, but I still get mad thinking about it so I vent:

I am a Temp. I am a Temp who does not like or trust banks. So whenever I picked up my check at the agency, I would get a “Check-Cashing Slip” to take over to the bank that my agency has it’s account with. Easy deal. I can pick up my check and get cash without a bank account. Cool.

All good things must come to an end, so of course, my agency switches banks. They assure us that this will make things easier. We can now have direct deposit, and the Bank is closer to the agency than the old one. Fine. Just one thing: No more check-cashing slips. So, for convienience sake I break down and start a bank account at the branch my agency uses so I can get my checks cashed. I deposit $100 after presenting several forms of ID and open an account.

The following week, I pick up my check and head to the bank. I go up to the teller and get my check cashed. This happens 2 weeks in a row. Third week I get the bitch teller from hell. She tells me those other tellers made a mistake. I can’t cash the check, I have to deposit it. And then it will be ready in 3 days. No amount of reasoning will convince her or her manager otherwise. So:

You dumbfucks. You cock-smoking, num-nut, cracked sores on the lips of capitalism. Fuck off. I have a goddamn payroll check from an account at this bank, I have an account at this bank myself, I have showed you several forms of ID, asked you to call the agency (at the number in YOUR files), and the best you can do is “Deposit it and wait 3 days”. FUCK YOU! Are we in some sort of stone age here? Is finding out if there is enough in the account to cover the check written somehow more complex than a few goddamn keystrokes? What the fuck would it take to cash a check besides allready having that amount in the bank??? Nothing? Double-Fuck your cum-guzzling asses. If your goddamn company is so inefficient that you can’t figure this one out, then I’m outta this bitch. Screw you and your Monster Corporation. You’ve lost human common sense and rational thinking powers. This is a no-fucking brainer.

So I have never had a bank account since. I have a rather sturdy safe, and I get my checks cashed in Bars. Fuck you and your greedy inefficient philosophies on how to treat people. Doglickers.

DaLovin’ Dj

dalovindj, I don’t often agree with you, but I’m with you on this one! Fuck those greedy parasites! Bankers should burn in hell! Fight the power!

And, er…felch.

Aside from the past-the-sell-by-date rant, I gotta add a couple of things.

  1. You are seriously injuring your fiancial future by not having an interest-bearing checking account, a savings account, or an IRA. Those are all useful instruments to help you save money for the future. Of copurse, interest rates are at a record low right now, but the principle is sound.

2)Keeping a bank account is also useful for getting your salary deposited directly into your account, thereby bypassing evil bitch tellers. You can also pay bills online, but only if you have a bank account.

3)The “can’t touch the money for three days” is not standard policy at most banks these days. You should be able to get the cash in hand if you are an account holder.

dalovindj, I don’t know about banks in the US, but where I live (Canada), there are regulatory bodies for banks.

I am a member of Caisse Populaire Desjardins, which is a co-op. The only reason I have that account is that in grade school, we opened an account in which we’d deposit a couple of dollars a week, to teach us about banking. I have kept that account and still use it to this day. A couple of months ago, I had trouble with bounced checks. Without getting into it, it was the bank’s mistake. They refused to fix it. I called around and found the number for the regulatory body in charge of them. I made a call, and within 3 hours got a call-back from my bank to apoplogize for the mistake, which they had fixed.

While I respect your choice to do away with banks, I can’t help but agree with gobear that not having a bank account could prove to be a liability at some point.

Again, I don’t know if it works the same way in the US, but here they can freeze your funds when you deposit a check, but they don’t (and I think can’t) do that when you get Direct Deposit.

Maybe you should look into that, because at one point you might need a bank account.

Still, Fuck banks. Fuck bankers, and Fuck their fees and Fuck their policies.


I agree, that sucks!

It has been my past experience that the issuing bank will cash the check regardless of account. YMMV

They’re bastards if they won’t.

I have an IRA that I have put the maximum in every year for 3 years now. I didn’t really think about that one when I wrote the OP. I still don’t have an account that I use frequently and pay bills/withdraw cash from. But a few years of living with a woman and I was briefly thinking responsibly. The IRA is a good idea for someone like me, so I will stick to it despite my hate of banks.

But for my day-to-day expenses, rent and such it’s strictly cash money. I do not trust them bastards one bit. I think they will do anything they can to squeeze pennies out of you as often as they see an opportunity. A bank my ex used told here after years that they were charging $.50 for every roll of change you DEPOSIT!!! Are you kidding me? You are charging me to take my money??? %5 of every roll of quarters??? WTF. GFY. SMD. Account now closed you greedy punk-sucks.

DaLovin’ Dj

One thing that really pisses me off about banks is the fact that they make things so difficult if you want to come to the bank and cash a check drawn on one of their clients.

I used to run a consulting business out of my apartment and I would tend to live check-to-check. One month, I was in dire straits (danger of not making rent, no food in the cupboard, etc.) and I had just received a big check from one of my clients. The check was from a local Citibank branch, so I stopped in the bank, endorsed the check and presented two forms of ID to cash it.

The bank didn’t want to cash the check. They kept asking me if I had an account with them. I didn’t, but I argued that shouldn’t matter. Their client signed a check that said “Pay to the order of…” and it had my name on it. I should be able to cash that check, right there, right then without any waiting period, depositing or anything.

It took about 30 minutes of explaining before the bank realized that I just wanted to cash a check drawn on that branch that was made out to me. They were actively discouraging me the entire time. The whole experience sucked.

That’s what bugs me about your problem, dalovindj. It shouldn’t matter to the bank whether or not you have an account there. They should give you the cash simply because one of their clients wrote out a check to you, asking that bank to pay you. The only thing the bank should or could hassle you about is your ID. If you have proof-positive photo ID, they should give you the money. Fuck the Teller From Hell.

How about this: you set up direct deposit into an account at the same bank your agency uses. Then on payday, you withdraw all of your pay from an ATM or at a branch office. Some modest fees may be attached, but you don’t have to pick up a paper check. Direct deposit is real slick if you’ll just give it half a chance. You also might find it convenient to be able to write a personal check now and then, but let’s teach you to crawl before we give you tap dance lessons.

dj, how are ya, man? I concur with Billy Baroo about the direct deposit; I have that now. However, I have to say that I can’t fucking stand dealing with Goddam stupid-ass banks and their backwards-ass fucking politics. They have fucked me over many times in the past.

And … they suck.

ever hear of a credit union?

I am in the boeing credit union and quite frankly it rules.

I hate banks. What kind of institution screws you so regularly and then makes YOU pay for it? And keeps upping the rates? FWIW, some banks do put a freeze on money deposited through bank machines; my bank allows me to withdraw $200 immediately (IIRC), but if I try to get more out, it doesn’t let me. Taking your money from the automatic deposit bank to another bank is an excellent idea; banks take your money for their purposes whenever it suits them; they can’t get it from another bank, though.

I think banks actively try to discourage people withdrawing money because:
a) They want the money to stay in their hot little hands where it continues to make interest for them that we never see a cent of, and

b) Banks in Canada are only required to something like 3% of all deposits in reserve. This means that if we all went to the banks and tried to take out our money at the same time, the banks would kick us out, lock their doors and tell us all to go away. I think we should try it someday. Just to see what happens.