You've RUINED Monty Python for me

I used to be a big fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I was one of the first to go see it when it came out in the theaters. Bought the VHS when it came out, bought the laserdisc, bought the DVD.

But the thing is getting quoted out of hand and it’s getting ridiculous. Just on the board now (not counting the overbearance of threads we’ve had in the past) we have a thread here in Cafe Society and now another new one here in MPSIMS.

Have you ever read a joke over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until it’s just not that funny any more? I have. And frankly, I’ve seen so many threads just blindly repeating lines from MPATHG that I don’t give a rats ass if I ever see the movie again.


English, or African?

(Insert obligatory Monty Python reference here)

Don’t feel too bad, Euty. For years, I’ve stopped smiling just by thinking of a Monty Python gag… however, I’ve found that you can constantly find new ways to apply the gag. Apotheosis’s post is an example of this.

Just like the Simpsons, there is a Monty Python quote for any occasion.

Kinda makes you wish you had a Holy Hand Grenade, no?

I still love Holy Grail, but I have to stay away from certain people and sway them away from Monty Python conversation to keep up that love, and boy is it hard because I’m friends with all the MP nerds. Graduating from high school has helped millions. I had the unfortunate experience of watching HG on one of the last days of school last year, and everywhere they were saying the lines along with the movie. I’m with the OP. How can “The Knights who Say…NEE!” be funny after the 100th time? The same thing happened when Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me came out. Everywhere in my classes, “Get in my bell-ay!” was heard. IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!

Obligitory Onion link: Maybe I Can Impress Her With My Holy Grail Quotes

You mean that there is anything ever done by Monty Python that required hearing more than one time before figuring out that is wasn’t funny?

Crowd: “We don’t give a rats ass if we ever see the movie again!”

[sub]Hey, at least it’s not Holy Grail…[/sub]

It’s Ni.

This thread’s getting too silly.

What?!? Oh. Carry on.

As always, I will allow the Internet Film Laser Squad to voice my shared opinion on the state of Python fandom today.

You’re not alone, Euty. I’ve had to spend the last 15 years keeping away from the MP fans who think repeating the catch-phrases automatically makes them witty. Fortunately, I’ve solved that problem by not having any friends anymore. Makes my social calendar much easier to handle.

Don’t worry Euty, it’s only a flesh wound.

“The only thing worse than being witty is not being witty.”

–Oscar Wilde

(You know you guys were just asking for this, right?)

I’m in complete agreement. The worst part for me is that each Monty Python superfan thinks that s/he has some inside track to some obscure piece of humor. Wrong. Millions of people have seen the movies. You are not an insider. We know where the quote comes from, we simply don’t care to spooge in our pants because we’ve recognized it.

The same thing happened to me in college with The Princess Bride. Yes, yes, you’re not left-handed. Very clever. Now get the fuck on with your life.

…anybody want a peanut?

screw you guys. Every single post in this thread has made me giggle. this stuff is still the funniest stuff ever, be it repetition 1, 5, or 500.

Euty, we mortals enjoy the luxury of not having to read the thread if we’re tiring of Python while you apparently must check each post for content. I’d guess that typicall most Python can be found in Cafe Society.

I’m not at all sure how y’alls responsibilities are arranged but can you switch forums with another moderator and patrol something other the Cafe for awhile?

Just a thought.

No way! A deal’s a deal; Eutychus has to read all the Monty Python threads, and I have to deal with the Firesign Theater stuff.

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…i bet you’re gay!