You've Watched It, You Cannot Unwatch It

Futurama is back! Here’s the story. I’m hoping for more Tales of Interest, another Al Gore voice cameo, and maybe a whole episode devoted to those albino screaming gorillas. “Love mom!”

Interesting that the article described Leela as “alien”, when she actually isn’t.

By the way, is Al Gore the first former Vice President to use the phrase “streetwise pimp”?

I’m glad and sad. I don’t want Futurama to be another Simpsons, that just goes on and on to nobody’s joy. I really don’t. I also feel that the ending of the last episode shown was awesome and vert worthy of an ending in its own.

That said, Futurama has a lot of ptoential untapped. Seeing as the series were in its prime as it ended, we could just expect a couple of seasons of awesomeness. With luck, it could be the best come-back ever.

If the studio hadn’t done this, they could’ve kissed my shiny metal ass.

Good news, everyone!

Wait, what? Leela isn’t really an alien? Thanks ever so much for the spoiler warning. <:mad:>

Yes. I play a streetwise pimp. With a hybrid pimpmobile.

It’s now more than a couple years since the series has finshed (well, about three.) I don’t think spoiler warnings are needed anymore, especially since this is a thread for fans, and I would think most fans have seen all the episodes already.

IMHO, there’s a general rule that you can’t get mad when someone spoils something that’s more than four years, four months, and ten days old, especially if it’s been freely available on DVD for most of that time.


I was excited when they brought back Family Guy, but the new ones got old kinda fast. IMHO every series should last four seasons, no more no less.

While that may be true for some series, that does not always hold true. The Simpsons “golden age” were seasons four through nine, so going by your theory, you would have axed them right when they hit their stride.

Surpisingly, no. That would have been Levi Morton.

Unless you’re being sarcastic… tough. For you not to know that Leela was a human mutant, you’d’ve had to miss at least three episodes (“Leela’s Homeword”, “Less Than Hero” and “Teenage Mutant Leela’s Hurdles”) and if you have missed those, and possibly others, why are you even in a Futurama thread, where discussion of the various episodes is inevitable?

Anyway, it bugged me that the original article described Leela as an alien, which indicates the writer didn’t do any research beyond skimming Futurama’s early promotional material, when a large part of Leela’s character was the belief that she was an alien alone on Earth. An ultimately-false origin story in “A Bicyclops Built for Two” even invoked Kal-El’s exodus from the doomed Krypton (oops, I just spoiled Superman Returns for you - sorry), which itself is a reference to the story of Moses. It’s rather like people with a superficial knowledge of Star Trek making references to the “corbomite device”, “Vulcan death grip” and “fizzbin”, when in the episodes in which those concepts appear, they are actually complete fabrications of the characters.

Oh, come on. There’s plenty of series that deserve much less than four seasons.

Hell, most shows don’t even dfeserve four episodes.

Not to turn this into yet another skirmish in the Familyarama Wars, but I think that’s largely because of the kind of show Family Guy was. It relied so heavily on surprising people and randomness, and that’s really hard to keep up. Futurama gave us the smell-o-scope and the Harlem Globetrotters as physics genius aliens. It’s just a different beast.

I think seven years is the max, and five is probably better, for a drama series. Comedy is different.

Yeah, but those are the ones that tend to run for 8 years. And if networks had to commit to 4 seasons, I bet they’d be a lot more careful that they were coming up with something interesting. It would also cut down on the flash-in-the-pan phenomenon where one network has a hit and a bunch of halfbaked clones comeout the next season.

Also I like the idea that writers would have a set amount of episodes for thier story arcs, which would keep things from being cut off prematurly or dragged out long past the writers ability to make crap up on the fly to fill more episodes.

But not a serious suggestion obviously, just fustrated with shows that drag on too long (Oh God would they just take the Simpson’s out behind the Chemical Shed and put a bullet in its head already! Please!) or get cut off with barely a chance to find their stride. It’s the major reason I rarely watch TV anymore.

And Marley, good point on the difference between Futurama and Family Guy. I agree Futurama is probably more fertile as far as new episodes go.

Heh. I just read the wikipedia entry on fizzbin. I hope Bender becomes a three-card fizzbin artist in at least one episode.