I just watched the very last episode of Futurama


I think they made the last few episode of the series extra good just to show us all what we’ll be missing.

Twas a sweet way to end the series too.

The text at the beginning said “See you on another station” so it’s nice to think that there might be new episodes some day.

Yes, a cast member from Futurama recently said at an interview with IGN that though it’s a “long shot”, Futurama may return someday, though he hinted that a movie is even more plausible…that’d be sweet,

I would give my left nut for a Futurama movie and my other two for a revival of the show :smiley:

Yeah, the show has been great, even up to the end.

What pisses me off is Fox playing up the fact that it’s the last episode - when they’re the reason it’s the last episode!

I swear they’ve run as many commercials for it in the last week or so as they ran the entire rest of the show’s lifetime! :mad:

I was sorry when it was cancelled, but I’m glad to hear the episode is good. And I’m glad for this thread; it reminded me to be sure to watch tonight.

They’re also the reason why there was a first episode. Wrap your mind around that nugget.

I’m trying to, but the corners are pointy and they’re jabbing into my brain stem ouch! :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re right. But it just seems awfully cruel to be part of bringing to life a great show that lots of people love, then spend four years slowly strangling it to death.

Really? What commercials? I saw an ad yesterday for the Fox Sunday Night lineup. They showed footage of a rerun of the Simpsons. Then they showed footage of a rerun of KOTH. Then they showed footage of a rerun of Malcolm. Then, at the very end, the announcer said in a hurried tone, “…after an all-new Futurama,” not even mentioning that it was the last episode.

They are? It seems like they hated the show from the beginning. I figured the only reason they put it on to begin with was that Matt Groening demanded it (all conjecture here, but I don’t remember much advertising for it from the start, not to mention the worst time slot available).

What Fox hated about Futurama is that Groening refused to allow Fox to have creative control over the show. The only reason Fox kept the show going was that Groening has provided the network with a cash cow in The Simpsons and they didn’t want Groening to quit. I noticed that the announcement that Futurama being killed was after Fox announced that they were renewing The Simpsons for another season.

Interesting. Maybe it’s just the local Philly Fox station that’s responsible for them being shown so much. But I’ve seen it probably a dozen times in the last week.

FOX also expected, or at least hoped, that the new show would be a Simpsons clone. It wasn’t other than the animation style. I wonder if the executive who signed the OK for Futurama is still working for FOX? I kinda hope he’s the mop boy at an all-night porn shop.

Damn. I can’t believe I got so involved in the lives of cartoon characters. But that was a really nice ending.

Yeah, it really was. Funny episode, too.

I never thought a Futurama episode could make me a little tesry, but this one did.

BTW, buy the Futurama Volume 2 Box Set this Tuesday so the suits will think a Futurama movie might make them money.

They should already know. Groening’s said that he’s gotten more fanmail about the show since it debuted on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, than he did for the entire run of the series on Fox.

It was a nice warm ending to the series, though I was kind of expecting them to put some jabs in at Fox.

. . . Excellent Simpsons rerun tonight, too.

Lisa: Why would a dog have human girlfriends?
Marge: People do crazy things in commercials . . . Like eat at Arby’s!

I loved the continuation of my favorite episodes (Robot Hell and Stomach Worm). I’m a sucker for the Fry/Leela storyline and the musical numbers, so I really really enjoyed this last episode.

Oh hell.

bursts into tears.

They’re goooooone.

You and me both. :smiley:

People always say stuff like this - but if you think about it, are the characters we love on Futurama any less “real” than those on Friends or any other live-action show? Of course not. :slight_smile:

One cool thing about Futurama was that they apparently planned out some of the later episodes very early on. Remember the episode from earlier this season where it was revealed that Nibbler (or was it someone else from Nibbler’s planet?) actually pushed Fry’s chair into the cryogenic chamber in 1999? Well, if you take a copy of the very first episode and freeze frame when Fry’s chair is tipping, you can see Nibbler’s shadow!