Futurama just made me cry.

Hey everyone,
I just finished watching for the first time the Futurama episode where Fry discovers the petrified fossil of his dog. The episode has a lot of sentimental moments, but the ending really really got to me. I’m talking crying-like-a-little-school-girl level weeping. I’m still crying a little just thinking about it. That dog… Fry… waaaaaahhhh :frowning:

Any other parts in Futurama make you cry? This was the first for me.

The one where Fry wanted to get his lucky four-leaf clover back from his brother and the one where Leela found her parents.

Jurassic Bark is a classic.

The Devil’s Playthings tugs at my heartstrings. I think I have the name right. It’s the series finale, with Fry writing the holophoner opera, and finishing it just for Leela, after the Robot Devil gives him back his old stupid hands, and he can’t play any more.

In fact, most all of the episodes that are about Fry’s love for Leela, I find extremely touching. The Space Honey one, especially, where we see Leela struggling with her guilt and grief over Fry’s death, only to learn at the end that Fry has been spending the last several weeks at her bedside, imploring her to come out of her coma.

The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings

Jurassic Bark was sad, but I don’t think it touched me the way it did most people because I never had a dog (always wanted one when I was a kid; still do but I’m too busy.) The one that always got to me was The Sting. Either that or The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings is the best written episode of any tv show ever. Every emotion in 22 minutes flat.

Now that we mention it, I think The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings tugged at my heartstrings as well. :: blows nose with a handkerchief ::

Futurma is one of my favourite shows, I’ve watched every episode multiple times - except Jurassic Bark. After the first time I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the damn thing again.

Luck of the Fryrish

Is the other episode that gets me.

Erg! I have the television on in the background as I am writing and reading the Dope tonight, and just a few moments ago I heard Seymour’s rendition of Walking On Sunshine, went into utter panic mode, dashed across the living room to grab the remote, somersaulted over to the television, did a backflip just to show off, and changed the channel to something mundane on Nick at Nite.

Because *Jurassic Bark * is *too damn much * for me to handle. I already feel stupidly weepy just thinking about it. If I ever heard that damn *I Will Wait For You * song in public, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d have to excuse myself very quickly.

Shee-eesh. Sniffle.

Damn. I knew just from reading the thread title you were talking about Jurassic Bark. There is very little in this world can make me cry. But Jurassic Bark does it every time. I get tears in my eyes thinking about it. For once, Fry made a decision based on logic instead of emotion (“He lived 12 more years and probably completely forgot about me”) and was dead wrong.

And the worse part of it is, I have TiVo, so I torture myself replaying the ending over and over about a dozen times.

Dammit, you made me get dust in my eye!
Yeah, that’s it, dust.

I always have to put down what I’m doing and go and hug Mrs essell when ever that episode ends. She gets very tearful, it can’t help that she loves dogs. I teared-up the first time I saw coz I’d been drinking and lost my emotional control but not since dammit!

I know I’ve seen it, and I remember that I cried, but I can’t remember how it ends (Jurassic Bark) can someone please spoil it for me?

I tried to, but I couldn’t see my keyboard through the tears.

The dog is seen waiting for Fry outside the pizza joint. The years go by and the dog gets older and finally dies.

The Professor finds out that Seymour lived for many years after Fry was frozen. Fry decides not to have the dog cloned because he figures the dog forgot about him a long time ago. Then we see, in montage form, that Seymour waited outside of the pizza place where Fry worked, waiting for Fry to come back, every day for the rest of his life.

Yeah, that’s hard to type. Does any dog owner not cry at this episode? :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that Fry lost his entire past is not really ignored on the show - they even include it in the pilot episode. This in itself is tragic, but the real feelings from the show - in Luck of the Fryrish and Jurassic Bark - come from when we realise that the past also lost Fry. We’re used to thinking of Fry as this wacky loser who gets no real respect or love. When we, the audience, is forced to realise that despite all his faults Fry did have people in his past who loved and cared about him and missed him when he was gone, such as his brother Yancy or his dog Seymour, the full force of the tragedy of Fry having left everyone behind hits home.

I think, personally, the worst part is that Seymour was possibly the only creature that loved Fry unconditionally. Fry was Seymour’s whole world, and when Fry left, Seymour’s world was destroyed. Seymour never stopped loving Fry, and Fry never even got to realise that. That’s why it gets to me.

(On the other hand, parts of this episode make me laugh out loud. Emotional roller coaster!)

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the ending of the ep last night. too sad. It doesn’t help that my beloved Dug is really getting up there in age.

That’s the same as with Yancy in Luck of the Fryish. All his life, Fry thought his brother hated him, only to find out way too late that his brother loved him.

… stoopid dust in my eye.

Bingo. This is the one episode I’ll actually avoid.

The Sting always gets me. The last scene in the hospital room is so sadly sweet.

Jurassic Bark KILLS me. I love the episode, but I can’t bear to watch it again. The first time I saw it, I just sat on my bed weeping and hugging my dog. That episode is too much for me.