YPM makes ACORN look like a bunch of pikers


YPM, a voter registration group hired by the GOP, allegedly deceived Californian voters into registering as Republicans. From the linked article

The article (from the LA times) mentions there are investigations in Florida and Massachussettes.

Understanding that this hasn’t had the press of ACORN and the allegations haven’t been vetted and spun, and leaving all bias inherent in my thread title aside,which is worse for our democracy, creating a potential for a fraudulent vote to be cast, or possibly preventing a legitimate vote from being cast?

From the description of the tricks, I am really suprised people fall for this stuff. “Oh, just put ‘republican’ there, it’s just a formality.”

No one thinks to call the police when they hear that kind of line?

Well, I guess I myself thought about it but didn’t actually do it when someone did something similar to me. I signed a petition to have some thing or other put on the list of propositions that year, and then the girl who had asked me to sign flipped the clipboard over and asked me sign on the other side as well. (To my recollection, the other side was pink, leading to a natural assumption that this was just a second copy of the original that I had already signed.)

She didn’t describe the piece of paper I was about to sign, she just said “Oh and, sign this blank as well.” Like it was just a matter of course. And I almost did, until at the last instant I happened to catch out of the corner of my eye the fact that the proposition at the top was a different proposition–one, I should add, which was exactly the opposite of the kind of propsition I would have wanted to sign.

“Wait, what is this I’m signing?”

“Oh it’s for another propsition,” and she proceeded to describe the proposition, no sign in her voice that she had been caught trying to trick me.

I did think about getting police involved, and sometimes think I probably should have.


Give some a badge or some sort of ID and some official-looking forms, and you will be amazed, genuinely amazed, at the percentage of ordinary, non-retarded people who will fall hook, line and sinker for almost anything.

I could make a fortune as a con man if it wasn’t for the fact that I have scruples.

I condemn what YPM is alleged to have done, but I can’t help but be somewhat amused by the outrage of some who object to being lied to but were willing to fraudulently declare themselves to be Republicans when they thought it wouldn’t affect them personally.

As for

I’d say the latter. Both affect the integrity of the entire system, but denying a qualified voter from participating directly impacts one of the fundamental rights of citizenship for that person.

And now the man in charge has been arrested

I know the Obama campaign is trying to keep the high road, but this is a perfect riposte to the GOP mindless talking points, the same way they’ve started smacking aires around with G Gordon Liddy.

I probably would threaten to call the police, and then lewdly suggest that perhaps…just* perhaps*, mind you…I could be persuaded otherwise. Either way, of course, I stll call the police: out of spite, or out of principle.