Zach Who?

IANAC, but it’s a little disheartening to see people going after this guy for a little Jesus talk. Shitheads like Dobson, Robertson, Falwell, and a long, long list of second stringers have made the very mention of Christianity repugnant to an awful lot of people. But unless Johnson later comes out talking about those evil homo-sek-su-alls and starts harassing women at abortion clinics, I don’t see any problem with him expressing some religious sentiments at what must rank among the best moments of his life.

Not to mention that it was Easter-- the single most important Christian holiday.

I was watching with a bunch of friends and I called it in advance-- I didn’t really know much about him other than his golf history, but I know a lot of golfers are pretty religious, and he somehow seemed to be one of them. I understand he’s good buddies with Aaron Baddeley who, surprisingly enough, is also quite religious.

Aaron Baddelly won a tournament (at Harbour Town) last year on Easter Sunday. He mentioned his faith, too, but was quite gracious about it. I didn’t watch the Butler Cabin interviews - I hate that part.

I’m thinking he will be along the lines of Jim Furyk, world #2 currently, who just goes along making money without getting a lot of ink.

To me a superstar would be someone that everyone watches out for even when he isn’t at the top of his game. Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods. Good, solid players would be Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Furyk, Tom Watson.

I’ll probably get beat up over Snead but although he won a lot of tournaments I don’t believe he was dominant in the tour.

Depending on how far back you want to go I think you might want to add Bobby Jones and Harry Vardon to your list of “superstars.”

I think your short list in a way combines excellence on the course with some manner of charisma or other personal attraction.

The only player I can think of whose public interest is so high that it might get him on your list is John Daly, whom I believe draws the biggest galleries of anyone other than Tiger.

Respectfully, his grandfather is not the Creator of the Universe. How many infants died horribly while Jesus was watching over Zach’s backswing?

It is the ultimate in arrogance to assert that God is on your side. To assert that he even cares about a sporting event is beyond stupid.

Something’s changed about religion in public life that I’m not sure religious people are comfortable admitting. People are much more likely today to invoke the Almighty in all kinds of public contexts than they once were. And a considerable number today mention Christ who once simply might have mentioned God.

Sure, maybe we used to pray in school and stuff, but it was less common for an athlete or other popular figure to make such professions.

I understand the point you’re making. Christians tend to credit Jesus for the good things and blame Satan for the bad things. But they also believe in eternal life. A martyr’s death is a saint’s birth, more or less. I also understand that that information will not assuage your righteous indignation. It does show, however, that Zach’s mindset and yours are so very far apart. I think that if we could all just have a bit more empathy for one another’s point of view, the whole world would be a better place. The reason you are so intolerant of Zach is exactly the same reason that fundamentalist Christians (and Muslims and Jews) are so intolerant of homosexuals — a disregard for someone else’s point of view.

Funny, but Furyk was exactly the guy I was thinking of. I consider him a superstar, but then I’m a golf nut so go figure… :slight_smile: I’m sure the average non-golf-watching person has never heard of him. The thing about golf is that you can be ranked really high and hardly ever win. And Tiger, of course, throws off all the stats for the players out there now. I think he had a 50% win rate last year, and when he’s not winning he’s almost always in the top 5. He’s basically tied with Vijay in FedEx points right now (Vijay is slightly ahead) and has only played 5 tournaments to Vijay’s 11.

Lib, I always appreciate your thoughts. I cannot respond now, but will sometime tomorrow. Thanks.

Phil, too. I don’t care for him much, but the crowds love him.

BTW, I was lucky enough to see Daly and Tiger go at it at the WGC at Harding Park in '05. Man, that was a great event-- perfect fall weather in SF and great golf. Supposedly, Daly took his (2nd place) winnings, flew right to Vegas after the tournament and blew it all at the tables. It’s a crazy life!

What are you guys all talking about? It was obvious that Jesus made Tiger plop that shot into the drink.

No, he was not dominant. So not dominant that he only won 82 tournaments lifetime. So not dominant that on two separate occasions, he won 8 or more tournaments during the year, and not against reduced by war fields like Byron Nelson in '45 and '44. So not dominant that he only won at least one major in 4 our of six years from 1949 to 1954.

For a stretch from the end of World War II to about 1955, there were two and only two golfers of note on the tour: Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. Byron Nelson quit the scene (I liken him to Johnny Miller: a brief span of unrivaled glory, but no long term success). So I’d think about moving Snead up to superstar. Anyone who holds the lifetime most wins in any sport is pretty much a superstar. :slight_smile:

With respect, the entire Jewish faith believes, and asserts, that God is on their side to some extent. Are you asserting that all Jews are arrogant to the ultimate?

Why would infants have to die horribly because Jesus is somehow involved in the golf results of Zach Johnson? Last I checked, in the Christian faith, Jesus is an aspect of God, and God is omnipotent, able to do anything. Certainly, God as Jesus would be able to pay attention to little details on the golf course, like steadying nerves, etc., while keeping infants from dying horrid deaths.

Again, just because you don’t believe that God or Jesus work that way is not reason to assert that someone else’s faith is stupid, or beyond stupid. It’s just not what you believe, which, too, is perfectly fine. Indeed, faith is unarguable because it’s unprovable. So I would suggest a less angry response: Jesus, presumably, would be more pleased with something more tolerant, if the teachings ascribed to him are correctly attributed, n’est-ce pas? :slight_smile:

Then it’s a good thing he didn’t assert that!

Seriously, it’s very common for religious people to “thank God” or “thank the Lord” on all sorts of occasions. From saying Grace before a meal, to getting a clean bill of health from the doc. Much ado about nothing…

Jim Furyk is a very good golfer. He is not in any way a “superstar.” He has a very mediocre win record (12 tour titles), only one major, and simply accumulates money in a Tom Kitean way by playing a fair amount and finishing in the top quartile of the field regularly. His World Golf Ranking is regularly used to argue that the rankings don’t reward success sufficiently: the prime example being that Phil Mickelson has the same number of wins in the last two years, including two majors (which Furyk has none of over the same span), yet Furyk is ahead of Phil by a comfortable margin.

Not to mention the Muslim expression “إن شاء الله” meaning God willing. Ought to stop invoking God that way. Arrogant it is. :rolleyes:

Eh. I said I was speaking as a die-hard golf fan.

And saying he is just “very good” with a “mediocre” win record is an interesting way to describe him. He’s one of the best on tour right now (no matter how you measure it), and most of his fellow golfers would give anything for such a “mediocre” win record. Let’s not forget the fact that he won the Vardon trophy last year. You have to be a** lot** better than “very good” to win that.

The world rankings have their problems, but remember that they weight more recent wins much more heavily than less recent wins. They’re meant to be a ranking of how the players are doing now, not how they were doing 5 years ago. At any rate, looking at wins alone is a very poor way of gaging how good a golfer is.

I was there. That’s my regular course, so it was great watching these pros dismantle it. “I wonder how Tiger’s going to deal with that tree on 7? Oh. By shooting OVER it 300 yards away.” Or when Daly missed that short one on 18: “Ouch. Been there my man.”

And that is true about Daly’s Vegas trip:

I think the reason all those hurricaines, tornadoes, big hair, and other disasters happen in the south is that God is being constantly bombarded by trivial prayers before football games, PTA, meetings, etc. Up here in Oregon where no one prays things go much smoother. There was that unfortuanate incident in 1980 when people prayed for the Trailblazers after Bill Walton left.