Zell Miller For Vice President!

I would not want his finger “on the button”, but this Southern Gentleman has a way about him that brings a smile to my face a la Mark Twain/Lewis Grizzard!

Plus, he likes Porter Wagoner, Jim Reeves and the old Dolly and Loretta!

Let him run on The Grand Opry Ticket!

Zell rocks!


Wonder what Vegas bookies would give on Bush/Miller v. Kerry/McCain?

:smack: Left the boards for a min and found this

Damn, guess that skews the odds.

Still wouldn’t mind seeing Bush/Miller or even Bush/Lieberman.

From here:

This is from yesterday. I’d say this lessens the chances of a Kerry/Miller ticket. Sorry, Quasimodem.

Zell Miller has quickly gone from being a revered Georgia politician to the most despised one in no time flat. People in Georgia hate him in large numbers. To pretend to be a Democrat, win the election and then turn into a Bush shill has angered millions of people to an unimaginably deep level.

It is a tradition that all Georgia govenors eventually get a statue of them placed on the capitol grounds. So this means there’s quite a few statues of old time racists and such. Zell may never get a statue, it’s that bad.

Note that the Republicans outwardly express admiration of him, but they are just using him and once he leaves the Senate, they’ll turn their back on him in no time. They have no respect for such a turncoat either.

And given that Bush II’s administration is imploding, his continued support is looking even worse in the eyes of history.

So there is a 0% chance that anyone would want his name appearing next to their name on a ballot anywhere.

Are you serious? As a Georgia resident, I can’t think of one story I have seen or heard about how despised he is. Maybe I have missed every single one, but I can’t think of any. Heck, I’d be inclined to say that your statements about Republicans turning their backs on him hold about as much water as a wicker basket. Miller is, after all, the man appointed in place of the late Paul Coverdale who was a Republican. When Miller was appointed I was among many people outraged at then Gov. Barnes (D) for appointing a Democrat to replace an elected (but somewhat dead) Republican. But gosh, turns out Miller is staying true to the will of the majority of his constituents and himself while not getting sucked into the desires of his party.

I could give a tinker’s shit what people here in Georgia think of Zell Miller!

I like the guy as a person, and that is very important to me.

Sometimes we let the party affiliation get in the way of the “who” and that sucks.


Yeah, I’d like a cite for this. I am unhappy with Zell, but I’m a left-leaning Democrat. I loved him as governor, and haven’t liked his Bush-ass-kissing since he became a Senator.

But I’d wager very few Georgians feel as I do. Georgia is a very conservative state that voted 60-40 for Bush in 2000. I very much doubt most Georgians have a problem with Miller’s actions.

Most Republicans respect Zell Miller, while remembering that he had no problems beating Republicans in statewide races in Georgia.

They also remember that he helped a lot of Democrats at the local level.

He’s helping President Bush win a war, though, and that counts for an awful lot.

Another Georgian (native, at that!) who got a huge WTF reaction from reading ftg’s post. No politician anywhere is universally liked and I’m sure ftg heartily dispises Zell Miller, but his assertions that millions agree with him are, IMHO, off by at least an order of magnitude.

I remember Zell’s “workhorse, not a show horse” gubenatorial campaign. It’s not Zell that’s changed since then - it’s the Democratic Party leaders.

Why is he called “Zig Zag Zell,” then?

If you live in the Atlanta area, then read “Creative Loafing”. (It even has columns by Bob Barr complaining about Bush!)

If you are stuck with the AJC, then read the letters to the editors folks.

There’s also some local talk radio shows (which are of course slanted in one particular way) and a lot of folks don’t say nice things about Zell even there.

Or you could ask Rep. John Lewis, etc. about Zell.

He is indeed hated by millions of Georgians.

Face facts, he’s the head of “Democrats for Bush”. Do you know how many people hate him for just that one thing alone? I.e., almost all the Kerry supporters in Georgia. Even 40% of a large state is a lot of people!

Note that I pointed out how he used to be admired. Arguing about his past doesn’t change how intensely hated he has become now.

After all, we’re talking about a guy who a couple weeks ago seriously proposed abolishing the Constitutional amendment for direct election of senators. (Putting that back in the hands of legislatures.) Number of other people in the Senate who think that is a good idea: 0. He has gone nutso.

Helping Bush win a war? GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Since this isn’t the Pit that’s all I can say about this imaginary war on terror and how we are “winning” it.

But Zell is a real winner, spouting oh so clever terms like Taxachusetts. But when you consider that Georgia has higher state and local taxes than Massachusetts, well, it kind of rings hollow.

Info laid out neatly by Atrios. http://atrios.blogspot.com/
(Saturday, May 15, 2004, 4:14 pm post. I don’t know how to link directly to it.)