"Democrat" Zell Miller to Honour Swift Boat Vets?!!


The very same Zell Miller who introduced John Kerry in March 2001:

Flip-flopper or just flipped?

This is the very same Zell Miller who is joining Fox News as a political analyst.

Why wasn’t this “zellout” kicked out of the Democratic Party? Why wasn’t he just kicked, by someone, anyone?

Because this is the Pit: Fuck this shit. Fuck it to hell (or should that be zell?)…

So, I guess you missed the part where Zell Miller was the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention?

Zell Miller is a flip-flopper. Accordingly, I won’t vote for him for President, should he run.

But I liked his RNC speech, and he did a lot of good with that speech for President Bush’s campaign. I’m happy about that, and I believe Miller spoke from his heart when he delivered that speech.

Zell Miller, like Alan Colmes, is the kind of Democrat Republicans point to as “honorable and respectable” – e.g., spineless lapdogs for the right.

Pssst, wanna buy a bridge?

A man whose allegiance is rled by expedience.

This country needs more duellists.

Eh, I don’t understand why people pay attention to Zell Miller. Yes, he’s a democrat. So? There are thousands of people just like him, conservative southern politicians, who left the democratic party and joined the republicans. Except they are now registered republicans, and “republican blasts democrats” isn’t a very interesting headline. If Zell Miller formally joined the Republican party there wouldn’t be any stories written about him. Which is why he hasn’t done it. Except he IS a republican, since he votes republican and supports republican candidates for office.

The thing is, US political parties don’t really have provisions for “throwing someone out”. Anyone can call themselves whatever they want.

I’m actually surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often, people joining political parties or advocacy groups with the intention of causing mischief. The only one I can think of offhand is Dan Savage (the columnist) who became a republican convention delegate because he showed up to his local republican caucus and was the ONLY ONE PRESENT, so he nominated himself. So he went to the Washington State republican convention and tried to propose a plank in support of gay rights. Pretty amusing, actually.




This is very educational.

I wonder aloud why democratic leaning people don’t join the Republican Party with the intent to do mischief.


But really, there really should be provisions for this, don’tcha think?

So if I can somehow provoke Zell Miller into slapping me with a glove, I get to stick him with a knife and I don’t go to jail? Cool!

“Now, alack, 'tis blade of steel
'Twixt gut and bladder, interposed!”

Drollius and Celebrix, Act one, Scene 3

Fox News can point to their new “Democrat” staffer to defend their “balanced” news programs.

That’s pretty much true for voters, but it is NOT true of political candidates. As a Senator on the Democratic side, Minority Leader Tom Daschle could have thrown Zell out of the party, for all intents and purposes. That was never done. The Democratic establishment in Georgia could also have repudiated Miller, but that was never done.

In short, Zell might have still called himself a Democrat, but if the Georgia Democrats and his Democratic Senate colleagues had repudiated him, he would have been, in effect, tossed out on his rear.

No, I didn’t miss that speech. However, I did miss this post first time around.

I hate to ask, but given your username, is he a relative of yours? :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, my broader point is that there might be a case for provisions within the parties to allow for kicking out members who fail to display any semblance of adherance to the principles of the party. Party loyalty is another question.

If it is a case of the party not having any principles, this is yet another problem. Is this what we are looking at?

FTR, I’m not a member of the Democratic party. But considering Sen. Millers actions that isn’t saying much.

I repeat: There really should be provisions for this, don’tcha think?

I know this is the Pit and all, but there are still some lines you don’t cross, you know? That’s really going too far.

You’re right, and I apologise.

But embarassing relatives don’t mean much to me, in terms of insults. My grandfather was a fascist, if that makes you feel better.

A little of column A and a lot of column B.

Seriously, has this guy always been this unstable (and I’m not just talking about his politics here)? During his time in the Senate, it seemed like this guy kept a relatively low profile as a moderately conservative Southern Democrat. Then, in the last couple years, he takes a sudden lurch rightward, makes a shrill speech at the GOP convention, and–with dead seriousness–challenges Chris Matthews to a duel on national TV. Now, he allies himself with a bitter group of liars who personally smeared his former “friend” Kerry and then hid behind the flag for cover. What’s caused all this hostility? It makes me wonder if Miller’s ever been examined recently for senility because he is in his 70’s and the signs are certainly there.

Some radio personalities recently asked that same question here in Atlanta (or the ATL as the radio stations like to call it). I wonder myself. I remember Zell Miller as being a decent politician back in the day, but his behavior of late has been decidely strange IMO.

Voting Republican is an early sign of senility, I believe. :wink:

He certainly didn’t speak from his brain, which was fully occupied with the being insane and all.