Zero Percent on Rotten Tomatoes!

I’ve never seen a movie get zero percent but Yu-Gi-Oh somehow managed.

There are thirty-five such films in the Action/Adventure genre alone. When I try searching for all 0% movies, I get a “too many to list” response.

ladies and gentlemen I give you Pinocchio. My personal favorite is " “Absolutely (and unintentionally) terrifying.” – MaryAnn Johanson, FLICK FILOSOPHER

Those are some bad reviews though.

After seeing this thread I amused myself for a time looking at the zero percenters. Good times, good times.

But Yugi is a great movie?!!
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Well it is at 2% now. I can’t imagine it’s any different then the TV series.

Rotten Tomatoes is biased against Yu-Gi-Oh to begin with – notice the total lack of reviews from pre-pubescent writers on the site.

Hang fire! Action Jackson is 0%er? WTF? thats a great film!

I’m glad there is some justice in the world. That movie, nay, the entire TV series should be put into a capsule and shot into the sun.

It’s nothing but a commercial aimed at 6-12 year olds! They watch their little T V show in the Kids WB, and run to mommy and daddy screaming that they NEED Yu-Gi-Oh cards to be cool. Ugh. Give me the days of Transformers and GIJoe, back when cartoon WEREN’T just methods of advertising…oh…wait… :smack:

And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! That wasn’t crass commercialism there…

Back in my day we didn’t have cartoons trying to sell us things. We had real live cowboys trying to sell us things.

I blame He-Man. He started the ball rolling on commercial cartoonism. Damn him, and Man at Arms. And Man-E-Faces.

It’s at 2%! :eek:

Guess it can’t join the fabled 0% club… Oh well…

Hmmm, the Arizona Daily Star , publisher of the the sole good review, seems to have recanted. Clicking on the review link takes you to Page Not Found on the ADS site.

-Gene Seymour “Newsday”

Its funny because its true. Shows like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, etc. are an acquired taste, though Pokémon the First Movie totally sucked.

I liked how the Chicago Tribune described it (paraphrased): Imagine if the Dungeons and Dragons movie was about people actually playing Dungoeons and Dragons and you get an idea of what this movie is like."

I sat through this movie with a six-year old and two ten-year olds and I still can’t tell you what it’s about.

I think they drew the Dark Magician Girl that way for my benefit, though.

Actually, I think there’s a really good movie to be made about people playing Dungeons and Dragons.
But I have no doubt that Yu-Gi-O is nothing like that movie.

Umm, I guess you’ve never heard of the highway manure spill that was Mazes and Monsters.