Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc - are they supposed to suck?

So, I’m waiting for the newest ep of The Batman (not the greatest version of the Dark Knight, I know) to come on, so I have to sit through the last five minutes of Pokemon.

Wow, could there be a worse cartoon? I understand these shows (Yu-Gi-Oh! and so forth) only exist to sell the card game, but do they have to suck so much?

I think the dubbing is the worst element. The screechy voices make me want to toss a grenade at the TV.

Do kids really like this stuff (the toons, that is, I know they go nuts for the card games)?

Mine do. They can’t get enough of it. The shows, the movies, the merchandise - they love it all.

But then again, I liked a lot of absolute crap as a kid (Snorks, anyone?), so who am I to judge?

Yeah, Pokemon hardly is the world’s greatest dub, and the episodes are repetitive as hell, but there is a good coming-of-age story somewhere in the middle of all that cheesiness. I think the attraction is the adventure that the viewers can live vicariously through the characters.

And I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but that pikachu is so darned cute.

Hmm. Well, I think it’s important to remember that your opinion is not universal. I happen to enjoy Pokemon and I’m a healthy, young adult. Not everything I watch absolutely has to be brain-bustingly intelligent. Sometimes I just like to turn my mind off and enjoy some quick humor. I also enjoy the games. Quite a bit, actually. Over the last two years, I’ve logged in a couple of hundred hours in to my Pokemon Ruby game.

I’m more concerned that you’re actually watching The Batman. :dubious: Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Uh…yeah, I DO know that.

It’s just that you’d (well, maybe not you specifically) think that for the money they’re raking in from the card game, the toons, or at least the dubbing, could be a little better.

I’ve never been much for anime or whatever genre this is.

As for the Batman, yeah, there’s been better, but this one’s not too bad.

Aside from anything like that, the english translation team is wickedly funny. They slip in enough puns to actually capture the flavor of the original. And I love all the cheese. After a while, it actually started to grow on me (I often turn on Cartn net while usuing my PC and well…)

You really need to take a shower once in a while.

See, there’s the thing, the company that dubs and distributes the anime in America really doesn’t get any money from the cards or games. The company that releases both of these cartoons here is 4Kids who makes money off tapes and selling these shows to Turner Broadcasting (who runs both WB and Cartoon Network). The cards, for Pokemon at least, are done through Wizard and licensed through Nintendo. Nintendo makes money off the games. None of this money actually spills over to 4Kids. Hell, with the release of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (the highest selling games of 2003, beating out things like Grand Theft Auto), Pokemon saw a resurgence of popularity. 4Kids had to, in fact, spend even more money per episode to dub and release here.

Concerning The Batman, I gave up when I saw The Riddler’s concept art.

Well, that sucks. You’d think they would considering the symbiosis involved.

Yeah, the animators have taken a strange road in character design. Today’s episode had the first appearance of the Ventriliquist. He looked almost like the B:TAS version while Scarface looked like a badly designed rapper. Sounded the same, but without the 40’s noir gangster look.

Not anymore, Nintendo handles that all in-house now too.

Pokemon was OK. At least it wasn’t as blatant as YuGiOh is. I mean, the characters freaking play cards the entire show! And explain how the cards work! I was watching a few minutes of it the other day, and I happened to catch some of the battle scene. They have life points on top of each character, and the characters put the cards down and describe how the card works.

I was just blown away by the chutzpah.

I’m surprised it’s taken a TV show this long to just come out and say, “This is the product. You like the product. You will buy the product.”

Reminds me of the Max Headroom episode, ‘‘Neurostim’’.


Alright, I just have to step in and say that YuGiOh came before the cards. In fact, when the manga was first created it wasn’t about a card game at all (though it does show up fairly early on). Although the storyline is similar–playing games and using them to punish people–it used a different game each week. It just turned into what it is now because the card game issue was popular.

And a [i[lot* of anime has had card games created from them. Pokemon, YuGiOh and Duel Masters are the obvious, but .hack, DragonBall (all three of them), One Piece, heck even Sailor Moon, they all have had TCGs made after them. They’re not as popular, but they’re there.

The shows just suck because they’re long running kids shows.

[Johnny Carson]I did not know that![/JC]

By the time the show appeared, I had already seen the card game at the comic shop and just assumed they came out together.

No doubt when it was dubbed, part of the idea was to market the cards with the show. The first few episodes, which don’t feature the card game, haven’t been dubbed.

Word, though Ash has been 10 (11 if you want to get technical) for like seven years now.

I got sucked into both of those shows and I love them. Won’t miss a single episode. The Batman hasn’t had the same effect on me. Not knocking your show, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

Satoshi has actually aged, but I’m not entirely sure it’s apparent in the dub. In the Japanese version, he often tells people he’s 13 (nearing the end of his Hoenn journey, he’s about 14 now) and Haruka (May in America, I believe) is 10. I recall seeing one Kid’s WB ad where they said “Ash started his journey two years ago…”, which would really be about seven years real time.

Though they never really get in to Takeshi’s (Brock’s) age…

Good information, ShockingAlberto. I’ve seen every dubbed episode (maybe I’ve missed one or two, but I doubt it). The only age reference to Ash is in the first episode when the narrator says that ten year olds get to become Pokémon trainers. The only chronological reference, other than so-and-so competition is two weeks away, is when they pass thru Virdian [sic, its been awhile] City the second time, when Ash and Misty reflect on how the place has been fixed up in a year. I must have missed that ad…

They don’t really mention Brock or Team Rocket’s ages do they. I seem to remember the number 17 coming up, but I’m not sure from where.

I will now play my “Worm of Compliance” card, which will burrow into the brain of Mr. Blue Sky and force him to LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh! and purchase as many cards as he can get his hands on! Ha ha ha!

Hee! I love Pokemon. I can’t hide it. There is evidence.

I haven’t watched the newer shows, though, but I used to watch it religiously. I played Red and Blue (hey! I had to catch em all!), then Yellow… then Gold and Silver and Crystal… then Ruby and Sapphire… even my Dad is addicted to them, now. He used to make fun of my brother and I, saying we were both adults and shouldn’t like this cartoon-y crap - and how can anyone get that addicted to a silly video game? Even the graphics were nothing special. So one day I dared him. I handed him my gameboy, and my Yellow version, and I told him: “Play this for 20 minutes, and if you want to stop playing after that, I will never mention anything Pokemon ever again.”

He still writes to me today to give me strategy tips, and about the latest battle he won against some poor, unsuspecting 10 year old. It appealed very much to his logical mind. Never underestimate the power of a game based on a simple “rock, scissors, paper” concept. Dad scoffs at my cute team and prefers his dragons and dinosaurs. Let me say this: Don’t. Diss. The Jigglypuff.