POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Looks... pretty cool.

I’m not a fan of Pokemon. Love Nintendo, but Pokemon became a thing when I was 17 or 18, so… I never got on that train.

The trailer made me giggle, (“I push people away, then get mad when they leave”) but I’m hoping they’re saving most of the humor for the movie.

It looks GREAT though, (the Pokemon and the humans blend well), and it looks adventurous.

Looks like they’re going a “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” style, with the detective being the CGI character this time.

It doesn’t look as terrible as it could be. I’ll probably have to watch it with the kids.

I was also too old for Pokémon when they came out, but my kids like them now. I played Pokémon Go and have seen bits and pieces of the show. As someone who is familiar with Pokémon but not a huge fan, I don’t like this live action movie concept. Pikachu looks like a stuffed animal to me. I’d rather see an attempt that didn’t look exactly like the cartoon versions.

It’s cute and looks funny but I’m not sold on Ryan Reynolds as the character. I’m not a Reynolds hater but Pikachu sounds like PG Deadpool in the trailer.

I thought the concept sounded awful but the trailer warmed me to “I’d see that, I guess” either on video or if my wife (oddly) wanted to see it in the theater. Like others, Pokemon isn’t my thing but I’m passingly familiar through my kids and a short stint of Pokemon GO. That might put me in a sweet spot: Knowledgeable enough to not be utterly confused, ignorant enough to not be offended by “OMG they totally got that all wrong”.

From what little I know about Pikachu, he’s never seemed like a wisecracking smart-ass.
Of course, that may be the whole point, if this is meant to be a parodic take on the character. The trailer was just bizarre, though.

I mean, he’s an animal, so I’m assuming this Pikachu is not the same Pikachu from the TV show.

Ok. Seems like we have some skeptics.

I don’t know why the trailer reached me. Maybe it’s because I’m not into Pokemon and never saw Deadpool.

But I understand people skepticism, (I think fans wanted Dany DeVito as the voice of Pika). I think it’s cool they made the movie look noir-ish, it seems to appeal to a lot of people. I was never a fan a Pikachu, and I want to see it. There looks to be a lot of action. I appreciate the attempt to not ‘play it safe’ with a traditional Pokemon inspired movie. The actor in it’s young, but he doesn’t appear to be annoying.

Apparently some Avengers movie is coming the week before, but I hope people give this a chance.



“There are 1000 pokemon in the city. I’m here to protect 'em all.”

Ryan is a bit of a curious direction for this. Surprisingly to me, if you look at his IMDB, he has done a lot of feature animation voice work. But at this point he’s developed into a comedic persona, ala early Robin Williams, he’s playing himself in whatever costume or animated character he is doing.

I’m curious what audience this will bring in, as it seems to be trying to harvest the older teens / young adults who know pokemon from their early childhood. I wonder if the movie will work for young children right in the throes of poke-philia, or if it skews too “adult” for them?

The Pokemon look a lot more real that I was expecting. Yes, it’s a bit of a stuffed animal look, but stuffed animals are just real animals made cute. And Pokemon are already cute, so of course they’ll look like stuffed animals.

I also think it’s a great way to make them fit without radically changing their design. Stuffed animals are things we see in the real world.

The sense of humor it showed is beyond what I was expecting, and they definitely aren’t playing it safe by making it feel like an animate Pokemon movie come to life.

The only caveat I have is that trailers put their best stuff forwards, so the film may just be good, rather than great.

…Jim Sterling on twitter said it best:

It is simultaneously the dumbest possible takes you could have for a Detective Pikachu movie, and “shut up, take my money, I have to see this movie.” That was both terrible and fantastic. Its Schrödinger’s movie. Its gonna make millions.

Could you explain what’s ‘dumb’ about it? What take would you go for in a Detective Pikachu?

I hear, if it’s anything like the game by the same name, it will…

involve a few different detective cases that lead to a even bigger case.

I’m not sure that’s true though.

…whats not dumb about it? As said earlier in the thread: its “PG Deadpool” meets the Pokemon universe. Its a terrible idea, and its a fantastic idea. It shouldn’t work: but it looks like it will. Its “dumb” because it doesn’t fit the conventional wisdom of what a hollywood movie should be: but its exceptionally clever because movie-goers are increasingly embracing unconventional ideas. I had no interest in this movie before the trailer dropped. And now its on my “I think I have to see this movie” list.

That’s unlikely. It’s a movie, not a game or TV series, so that format wouldn’t work as well, and certainly isn’t called for.

Yeah. Pikachu is a species, not a character. The naming style in most Pokemon media means the particular Pikachu in the TV series (and most other Pikachus) is named Pikachu, but unless Ash (specifically Ash, not his game-canon lookalike Red, or the different lookalike Red who was protagonist of the manga that hewed closer to the game than the TV series did) is around, it’s clearly not the same Pikachu.

Wreck-It Ralph was good.

Haha. I guess you’re right and it’s dumb, however you said it was a dumb take for a Detective Pikachu movie. That’s what I meant when I questioned why it was ‘dumb’, it could never, not be ‘dumb’ on some level.

I have seen a little Deadpool when I was over at a neighbors… I don’t know. I think I’ll wait until I see Deadpool and Detective Pikachu before I make comparisons, but yes, their will probably be some similarities to dead-pan types of deliveries that Ryan Reynalds is known for. I’ve seen him in a few things, including Family Guy where he plays his cocky self.

I don’t know if it will work with Pokemon. I can see why DeVito seemed like the obvious choice for fans.

And; (I’m not claiming that you made this assertion, but I just wanted to point out that,) Just because it’s a silly premise, doesn’t mean that the actual story - once you get past a Pokemon and human communicating and a fantasy world of monsters and humans walking around - is going to be bad. It might be quite cleaver. I don’t know that for sure, but it’s possible.

I agree but that wasn’t based on a (real) game.

there is a specific game its sort of based on that you can see a walkthrough of on you tube , and if it follows the game is definatlty going to have pg moments…

I can’t.

DeVito’s as much of a ‘plays the same character’ as Reynolds is, and his regular character is much less suited to the character of Detective Pikachu than Reynolds’ is.