Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc - are they supposed to suck?

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I loved Pokemon when I was twelve. It was actually the characters that drew me in. They seemed to have a decent level of depth, or at least it was good at making me care about them. Several times they were also very effective at melodrama when one of the pokemon was leaving.

I’ve just gotta say that I don’t know much about Pokemon, but Yu-Gi-Oh! doesn’t suck so much once you remove the constant card playing and ridiculous dialogue. The basic plot underlying the story is actually decent: it’s just that marketing seems to have gotten in the way of telling the story in a good way.

Shaman King (from the makers of Yu-Gi-OH!) is a much better cartoon, IMHO. There’s still the requisite battles, but they get reduced a lot in deference to, you know, plot.

My 5 year old loves both shows. Dubbed Pokemon is preachy, but at least they all love each other.

Yu-Gi-Oh cartoons are the only way anyone over 14 could ever figure out the game from scratch. I’ve tried reading the instruction books, the vendor websites, and the countless fan websites, and couldn’t figure it out until I sat down and watched 5 episodes. My 5 yo can’t read, but he can count life points like nobody’s business.