Zero Sight - making a plug for this book

I bought a Kindle in November and have discovered ‘Independent’ authors.

I have tried several of them and the have ALL been crap! I was about to give up on them until I tried:

Just finished both of his books. Fun read. Entertaining as hell :slight_smile:

Independent my ample behind. His books are better than most I buy off the shelf.

If the story seems interesting to you, give him a shot. You can thank me later. :smiley:

I found a good independent author on Amazon (with quite a few free books). J. R. Rain has several series of books, but a good place to start is Moon Dance: A Vampire for Hire Novel.

I’ve enjoyed almost all of his books. They are absorbing page turners.


$0.00 for the Kindle edition? I don’t think I can afford that!

Well, hell, the price is right so I ‘bought’ it.

I just started reading Zero Sight and I enjoy it. If you liked this one, I bet you’ll also like the books by Steven Gould (such Jumper, Wildside, Helm, etc.). He writes the same kind of young adult stories featuring a competent teenage protagonist beset with unusual abilities.


I haven’t read your suggestion yet…been reading the Iron Druid novels…but it is next on the list.