Zero Volume and Infinite Mass

It is theorized that the Big Bang Sigularity has zero volume and infinite mass. How can anything with zero volume (no space) have room to hold anything especially infinite mass, unless it’s solid, but it would then still have volume? My theory is that the singularity of Black holes, many Black holes, as its been theorized that there are many universes beyond our own which must have Black holes also, are somehow related to the Big Bang singularity. Obviously I’m not a Physicist, just and average guy with an inquisitive mind but I would invite anyones responses.

As I understand it, singularities are a mathematical construct (nobody’s actually seen one, but mathematical models of black holes posit that they are singularities). I believe that our understanding of the laws of physics completely break down at that point, so we really don’t understand what’s going on there.

However, I don’t actually know that’s the case. Totally from an “exposure to popular science” viewpoint, so take it with a grain of salt. I may have utterly misunderstood the case!

Well, the point is that all our models of physics and how the universe works only apply to our universe. When we go back to earlier than the first nanoseconds of the Big Bang then everything breaks down and we just don’t know.

So yeah, in our universe nothing can have infinite mass and zero volume. But our universe was created by the Big Bang, and the laws of physics don’t neccesarily apply to the singularity.

Yes, “singularity” literally means “a point where the model breaks down”. So, by definition, the state of a system at a singularity is undefined.